Harvard Professor Uncooperative with Police – Blames PD

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In Cambridge, Massachusetts, a woman called 911 to report two black men breaking into a house in a prominent neighborhood on July 16. The house belonged to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

When Sgt James Crowley arrived at the address, he found a man inside the home, claiming that he lived there. When Sgt Crowley asked the man to show some identification to prove his claim, the man started yelling at the officer, accused the officer of racial profiling, and would not calm down to clear the situation up. Gates was, in fact, telling the truth. He really did live there, and he had to pry his door open for whatever reason. Unfortunately, because he chose NOT to cooperate with police, he was arrested. You can view the police report of the incident here.

Gates is now saying he was a victim of racial profiling by the Cambridge police and has filed suit.

Usurper Obama has weighed in, saying that the officers “acted stupidly” and made suggestions that he believed Gates was a victim of racism, after admitting Gates is a friend of his. Police officers across the country are offended and speaking out about it.

Bill Cosby weighed in too, saying he was shocked that Obama made those comments.

When I was about 20 years old, I was in labor and waiting for my mother to come to the hospital. She didn’t come for quite a while, and I was getting worried. Eventually she showed up and told me what took so long. When she returned from my grandmother’s house, she realized she had locked her house keys inside. She, along with my step-dad, proceeded to remove the kitchen window and he lifted my mom up and through it.

A neighbor noticed what was going on, and called the cops to report the “break in.” The cops showed up and questioned my mother. She explained that she lived there and when they asked for ID, she showed them her license and a utility bill with the address and her name on it.

Problem solved – my mom grabbed her keys, and came to the hospital.

What’s the difference between my mom’s story and Gates’s story?

Not that he is black and my mom is ‘white.’ No. The difference is that when my mom was asked to show ID, she did. She never yelled at the cops and she didn’t accuse them of doing their jobs improperly. The situation was resolved in just a few minutes, and everyone got on with their lives.

Gates could have chosen to accept that his neighbors may have seen him prying his door open and acted in a manner that most good neighbors would: they contacted the police over suspicious activity. This is what local crime watch groups are trained to do – don’t intervene, take note of important information (clothing, ethnicity, accents, scars, vehicle, etc) and contact 911.

My mother was not angry that someone had called the cops on her. She was rather grateful to know that her neighbors were keeping an eye on things, even if it did make her late to the birth of her granddaughter.

So what’s the story with Gates, then? He’s obviously successful, as a professor at Harvard, living in a wealthy area in Cambridge, friends with prominent people. Why couldn’t he just show his ID and be done with it?

I guess it’s common for Obama and his “friends” to not show evidence for their claims.