Huge New Dam Project Moves At Snails Pace, Literally

Posted on Thu 07/23/2009 by


Read this story from Queensland in Australia, and promise me you won’t burst out laughing.

Sometimes, I just feel so proud that I’m a menber of the human race. I mean, we have compassion. We look out for others who are not as fortunate as we are. We provide the voice for those who have none.

Queensland is currently just coming out of the largest water crisis in our history. The dams in South East Queensland were down at their lowest levels in recorded history, and only now, following good and long rain events, those dams have filled back to around three quarters full. Successive left leaning Governments have acceded to their green leaning supporters, and despite the glaring knowledge that the water supplies are not adequate for the ever increasing population in the area, they have consistently failed to construct new dams, and in fact cancelled plans put in place by former Conservative State Governments for construction of at least three projects that would have safeguarded those future water assets with construction of three new dams.

Instead, they have implemented draconian measures to force the public to use less water with restrictions that limit water usage, in fact even employing more inspectors to check water meters at household residences to see if they were using more than the restrictions demanded. They even recommended and tried to actually implement that people be restricted to three minute showers.

Luckily, the dams are now topping back up, and as a matter of caution, restrictions have still been left in place, and current levels are such that the water now in those dams will last for nearly 4 years ….. if it never rains again.

Some new dams have been proposed, but only in areas that have consistently voted conservative, so that there is no grumbling from their own support base. Two of those dams are indeed quite small, and in fact one so small and shallow, that around one third of its holdings will evaporate each year.

One large dam across a River in Central Queensland has been proposed for nearly 80 years now, and has had the problem of Political will all through its proposed life. Conservative Governments approve it, and as soon as the opposite side wins an election, the first thing they do is to cancel the project.

However, it has finally begun to be worked on now, and when constructed will be the fourth largest dam in the State, and will virtually secure water for the people in that area.

However, work has ceased, and luckily for those environmentalists against the project, they now have a Federal Government in place that can over ride the wishes of the State Government who has finally grown the bodily parts to go against their own voter base and approve construction.

Those environmentalists protesting against this construction have found a cause that has not only given them further reason to protest, but has actually stopped the project cold.

The reason.

A snail.

That’s right. A snail.

They have found a species of snail that evidently only resides in this area, and that just happens to be the area that will be inundated by this new dam. This snail is rare, and by extrapolation, is patently and obviously endangered, and because of that, has to be protected at all costs.

These environmentalists are now appealing to the new Federal Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett, and have stated that he now must cancel this project completely. They are even going to fight their cause through the courts and have started proceedings to do just that.

Planning and any start for construction has halted completely until the matter is resolved.

To top it all off, they have appealed to the State Government, and have recieved all the funding that they require to take this process through the courts. They will be funded by the taxpayer, who incidentally, have no say in this matter of funding. It’s just been given to them.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head in wonder. If it wasn’t so damned serious you might even laugh.

These people must think we are all idiots that we cannot see right through this.

The trouble is, we probably are.