ACORN sues PA for Charging Its Employees

Posted on Thu 07/23/2009 by


Well here’s a new twist:

Remember ACORN, the liberal “community activist” group that formerly had Obama defending them? Yes, the same group that has been charged with voter registration fraud in 14 states! Well, since five of their employees in Pennsylvania have been charged with registration fraud (because Mickey Mouse really cannot vote!), ACORN has filed a lawsuit aginst the Commonwealth saying the law the employees are charged under is unconstitutional. Surprise, surprise – ACORN is represented by Vic Walczak of the PA ACLU. (Some of you may remember that name as the guy who sued Hazleton for trying to protect its citizens from the rampages of illegal aliens.)

The law used to press criminal charges against the former ACORN employees covers the prohibition of pay commensurating with quantity. Basically, ACORN has to pay employees whether they get registrations or not. According to the DA who filed the charges, that law was violated because ACORN required new registrations in order for the workers to keep their jobs.

ACORN Obots say the law violates the Constitution because it prevents them from having quality control of operations, asserting that no business can afford to have unproductive employees. Walczak said, “If ACORN cannot terminate employees who fail to collect even one application, it will be impossible for the organization to run a paid voter-registration drive.”

Well, here’s a HELLO for you: Pennsylvania is a right to work state. That means that an employee can quit anytime he/she wants, for any or no reason. It also means that employers can fire someone for any or no reason.

The PA law against pay based on quantity is there to prevent … (drum roll please) … VOTER FRAUD. Go figure.

Sounds like an admission of guilt to me.

Check out this lovely quote in the Washington Times: “House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat and former ACORN supporter, called for an investigation into the group, but backed off the idea last month, saying the “the powers that be decided against it.”

HUH? We, the People somehow decided against the investigation? When did that happen?

John Conyers Jr.’s contact information can be found here on his web site, for anyone wishing to ask him to grow a spine.