F-22’s and Your Healthcare Future

Posted on Wed 07/22/2009 by


Take a good look at this debate. The left is dancing in the aisles because they saved the country from the premier fighter in the world. I’m not really a big fan of the huge price tag of a plane that is not necessary for our national security. I understand that many in side the military do not want more F-22’s at the cost of more immediately useful assets.

However if this is the trend, where advanced weapon systems are not developed, how long will we remain the most effective military power in history?

What does that have to do with health care? Simple, the Democrats are making a bid to make the Government the sole arbiter of what will and will not be paid for to sustain your life. Expensive innovations that sustain life, treat a few patients cannot be funded and will not even be researched. Medical researchers are funded because there is a hope that they will develop something that will be profitable. If the Government is unwilling to purchase these treatments, from doctors there is no motive to develop them. Sounds rational if its some one else’s child dying of a rare blood disease but when it is your child dying for lack of innovation you will realize what a colossal error universal health care is.

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