Middle East Nukes

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OldieLogo4DB-MiddleEastNukes-89706Today’s Golden Oldie is from July 6, 1989.

Last week, in an attempt to ignore the tensions building between the Obama administration and the State of Israel, I searched out cartoons from 1989 to see what was happening twenty years ago.

The first Golden Oldie I posted was called “Collision Course“. The “story” was about having to face a cold, aloof, and angry American President who was set on a collision course with our tiny ship of state.

The second cartoon, also from the summer of 1989 was called “Presidential Commandments” and examined the U.S. President’s demand for Israeli obedience to his commandments.

I was eager to find out what happened next in this 20 year-old cliff hanger of the struggle between Israeli Prime Minister Shamir and U.S. President George H.W. Bush. Today’s cartoon provides the surprising answer.

Growing reports of Saddam’s nuclear weapons development program left us with the distinct feeling that the American President secretly wished that Israel would “take out” the threat …Leaving him free to both condemn our actions, and to benefit from them.

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