Sit Back, Relax, And Enjoy The Destruction Of America

Posted on Wed 07/15/2009 by


The other morning, I was surfing through the cable news channels, and I happened to stop at a show where Glenn Beck was making a guest appearance.

He was talking about how most people, in regards to America’s current troubles, have developed a sense of apathy.

He also mentioned that a phrase he hears uttered much too often is “Well, things could be worse.”
That one stunned me.

“Things could be worse.”


Just how bad to things have to get before people say enough is enough.

Our economy is in the toilet, with no signs of turning around anytime soon.
People are losing their homes.
Millions are out of work, and thousands more lose their jobs every month.
Those that are still lucky enough to be working have seen their retirement funds wiped out.
And the list of woes goes on and on.

And what are we presented with for solutions to all of these problems?

A nearly 800 billion dollar…Read the rest of this entry