Obama’s Corrupt And Incompetent Czars

Posted on Thu 07/09/2009 by


What do the following have in common?

 Someone with a 6 million dollar conflict of interest
The former CEO of a failed mortgage company
Chicken Little
An avowed Socialist

They have all been appointed by President Obama to be part of his team of Czars

A few day ago we presented a list of the “Czars”  President Obama has appointed to various positions in his adminsistration.

At the time, we promised that at a later date we would report as to why we feel that many of these folks should not be holding a position at any level of government service, and in keeping with that pledge, we present the following:

(When time allows, we will dig into the backgrounds of some of the others, but the ones presented here stand out from the crowd)

Energy Czar Carol Browner
Until late last year, when she was first being considered for a position in the Obama administration,Carol Browner was listed as one of 14 leaders of the Socialist International…Read the rest of this entry