Malibu Barbie

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With all the speculation about what the aims, goals, dysfunctions of Sarah Palin are, I thought I might make a bid to draft her to the bigger stage. President? No, Governatress. Come again? For those of you outside of the great state of Cali-for-nea. That’s Schwarzenegger speak for the next governor of California.

Some of you may think that I’m joking, perhaps a little tongue in cheek, but since we’ve had a Mr. Universe, why not have a beauty queen. While Governor Schwarzenegger is a closet liberal, Sarah Palin could be an out of the closet conservative and you know how Californians love those who come out of the closet.

If she desires to be another Reagan she could come to the place where the biggest mess is, California, coming soon to the federal level. She could move from Wasilla to Malibu and clean up Sacramento as practice for cleaning up after the ravages of Obamanomics. Perhaps by then she will be viewed by most rational people as the perfect person to clean up after the Obamanation has run it’s course. 2012? Governor of California. 2016? First Female POTUS.

You may be laughing, I am, but you know what? She couldn’t possibly do worse than any of the home grown candidates, by the way the Governator is proof positive that carpet baggers are acceptable to the California Electorate as long as they are photogenic. I do believe in Sarah’s values and sincerity. We need her as much as she needs a stepping stone to Pennsylvania Avenue. Worked for Reagan. Could happen again.

P.S. Thanks for the inspiration Maureen.

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