The Spirit Of ’76 Is NOT Dead

Posted on Mon 07/06/2009 by


On July 4th, we presented an article calling for a Modern-Day Declaration Of Independence.

As fate would have it, later that day something happened that made me believe it to be possible.

That night, my hope for the future of this country received a real shot in the arm.

I don’t put much faith in coincidence, but it had to be fate that drew me there, and strengthened my conviction that we can stop Obama and his Marxist minions from taking America away from us.

My wife and I went to a fireworks display that was held at a high-school football stadium.

Seating was only available on one side of the stadium, as as we made our way to the bleachers, we saw that set up in front of them was a large stage where a band was playing.

This was our first time at this particular venue, and what happened a little later on gave me…Read the rest of this entry