Hazleton’s Broad Street Fire – The Human Interest Side of This News

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Just after midnight on July 1, a fire broke out at 120 West Broad Street. Initially, it was said that up to 20 people escaped the building. Six of them were seriously injured. Of those six, two jumped from a second story window, and another was found and rescued by firefighters who had to perform CPR. By all accounts, the occupants were lucky to have all lived through this ordeal.One of the people who jumped was a 15-year-old girl who broke her back in several places. The one who was found by firefighters and resuscitated was another teenage girl. Neither teen’s name is being released at this time.

We stopped by the scene of the fire. My husband and I both heard a dog barking from the second floor of the building. Soon a state trooper came out with his dog, and put him in his car, we asked whether the barking was the dog indicating – either drugs or accelerants. None of the mainstream papers have said anything about the possibility of drugs or accelerants.

I cannot say how I know what I’m about to tell you, but rest assured the information is valid.

At least one of those teenage girls was drinking heavily and was using cocaine when the fire started.

Yes, this was drug related.

While I realize that is not really a surprise in the drug-infested cesspool known as Hazleton, Pennsylvania, it IS surprising that the other papers are not mentioning it, trying to elicit sympathy from the public for victims who may only be victims of themselves. That’s nothing new, right?

I know the information posted above is valid, because I spoke to the Step-Mother of the girl who jumped out of the window and broke her back. She said that this girl is “her husband’s daughter, Shantel**. She’s a nut case and a druggie, and she tested positive for cocaine, and she reeked of alcohol more then 3 hours after the fire.

She continued “She used to live with us, until she assaulted me and I was life-flown to Lehigh Valley; then I pressed charges against her and she was put away for a while. She was gone about a year, was home 3 weeks, then helped her bio mother (well-known crackhead in Hazleton) kidnap the other daughter that lives with us, Kaitlyn** (she’s only 10 now) when I was laid up with my broken leg and couldn’t save Kaitlyn.

Shantel was put into “therapeutic foster care” where she ran away repeatedly to get to her mother and drugs. I have no sympathy for her because of the personal nature of the situation, While you may find my take on this situation to be seething with hatred of this “waste of space” excuse for a human being, I find it to be poetic justice. But that’s just me.”

**Names of both girls changed to protect the innocent.

Dear readers, if you are the praying kind please pray that Shantel and her biological Mother will have a supernatural change in their lives. Pray also for the strength of Kaitlyn who is back with her Father and Step-Mother and for healing from her bad experiences. And one more, please pray for the Spiritual, Mental and Physical healing of her Step-Mom and Father, and the patience and strength to continue fighting the good fight.   —ed