We Are Getting A Lot Of Czars Per Obama Now Baby!

Posted on Thu 07/02/2009 by


Here a Czar, there a Czar, everywhere a Czar Czar, old Obama had a Czar, eieio

Forget about miles per gallon.

Let’s talk about something more important, mainly,  how many czars per Obama are you getting?

One of, if not our biggest supporters, Erica, recently asked us if we could put together of the “czars” that President Obama has appointed, and what their functions are.

Erica works hard to promote the work that we do here, and in return we are glad to oblige.

Be forewarned however, you may want to grab a snack before you begin to go through the list, you may be hungry by the time you are done.

And, being the  “heartless Republicans” that we are, we took a slightly different approach to this.

We listed the Czar title, followed by the name of the person appointed to that post.
Then, under Official Duties, we spelled out what function the White House would like you to believe that person is performing.
Under Real Duty, we present our perception of what the job entails.

(Although we put a bit of a sarcastic spin on this, all of these positions are real. And at a later date, we will reveal how and why a lot of these people have no business working on any level of government.)

Auto Recovery Czar: Ed Montgomery
Official Duties: Helping America’s automakers work through their re-organization plans.
Real duty: Obama’s repo man

Information Czar: Vivek Kundra
Official Duties: In charge of Federal IT programs.
Real duty: Making sure White House PC’s have up-to-date anti virus programs

Drug Czar: R. Gil Kerlikowske
Official Duties: In charge of federal drug control programs
Real Duty: Making sure no one is firing up a doobie in the West Wing bathroom

Energy Czar: Carol Browner
Official Duties: Keeps the President …Read the rest of this entry