ACU Supports The Health Care Freedom Act

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The ACU has sent the following letter to Senator Jim DeMint:

June 24, 2009

The Honorable Jim DeMint

340 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC  20510

Dear Senator DeMint:

On behalf of the American Conservative Union, congratulations on introducing the Health Care Freedom Act.  At a time when the Obama Administration and liberals in Congress are teaming up for a government takeover of the American health care system, your legislation offers needed reforms to the current system while preserving the freedom of Americans to choose the health care they want and need while holding the line on taxes without adding trillions of dollars to the national debt.  ACU will encourage all senators to join you as co-sponsors of this bill.

In addition to preserving the right of Americans to keep their current employer-based plan, the Health Care Freedom Act includes some important reforms:

  • It provides vouchers of up to $5000 to help those who do not have employer plans to purchase insurance
  • It expands Health Savings Accounts to allow funds to be used for insurance premiums
  • It block-grants funds to states to find new ways to give coverage to those with pre-existing conditions
  • It includes tort reform to reduce the cost of malpractice insurance, a key factor in increased health-care costs
  • It allows consumers the pricing information they need to make intelligent decisions

The Health Care Freedom Act is a well-thought out answer to those who believe that only government can solve our problems.



David A. Keene


American Conservative Union

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