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By Paul L. Williams Ph.D.

“A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels, and so on. However, he should kill the animal after orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in the village; however, the selling of meat to people in a neighboring village is permissible.” – Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

jimmycarterJimmy Carter has devolved from being America’s worst president to being America’s worst ex-president.

Last week, Carter met with the Hamas government that gained control of Gaza two years ago, after the Palestinian Authority’s forces were routed not only by popular vote bust also by bloody factional struggle.

Jimmy declared that Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement) should be recognized as the proper governing authority in Gaza and should not be viewed as a terror organization.

Few, however, are screaming, despite the fact that Hamas is one of the world’s leading Islamic Jihadi groups.

Hamas is an organization that remains responsible for scores of suicide attacks against Israeli civilians (including the 2002 Passover suicide bombing); that supports the World Islamic Statement (the declaration of war against the United States as issued by Osama bin Laden in 1998; that disseminates hate literature to Muslim children throughout the Middle East; and that prays for Allah to transform Jews into “apes, pigs, mice, and lizards.”

Jimmy thinks they are great guys and wept over the fact that they remain on the terror list of Israel, the European Union, and the United States and that the Israelis have responded to their guerilla attacks by launching mortars that have left much of the country in shambles.

But Carter was not content with simply making a spectacle of himself in Gaza. He went on to Lebanon to meet with Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the spiritual leader of Hezbollah. Fadlallah is responsible for the October 1983 bombing of the barracks of the U.S. Marines in Beirut – an attack which result in the deaths of 241 American soldiers.

Jimmy shook Fadlallah’s hand and expressed delight at their meeting.

While Carter was visiting his favorite terrorists, all hell was breaking loose on the streets of Teheran. This seemed a fitting background to his meeting Middle East shenanigans, since Jimmy is really the father of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the rule of the nutcase mullahs.

Let’s remember Jimmy’s record in the White House.

As soon as Carter assumed the oath of office, the White House became peopled with characters out of Li’l Abner’s Dogpatch, including the family matriarch “Miz” Lillian, Jimmy’s Bible-toting sister Ruth, and his beer-guzzling brother Billy, who came to receive a mysterious payment of $2.5 million from the Libyan government.

Determined to end dependency on foreign oil, Jimmy moved to regulate domestic oil prices. The result was the creation of a price-gouging OPEC cartel that sent oil prices soaring, created rampant inflation, and drove the U.S. economy into deep recession. The misery index, Carter’s own invention for determining the well-being of the American people, rose by 50% during his four years in office.

Jimmy went on to relinquish control of the Panama Canal, to oppose the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by pulling the U.S. team out of the Olympics, and by attempting to normalize relations with Cuba through the opening of “interest sections” in Washington and Havana. His Cuban policy resulted in the Mariel Boatlift whereby Fidel Castro sent 120,000 refugees – including mental patients and hardened criminals – to Miami, thereby transforming the resort city into the crime capital of the United States.

Space does not a permit a discussion of his Latin American policy that gave rise to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua of his ALT-2 agreement with the Soviet Union, which resulted in lobbyists gaining more power than the highest-ranking Pentagon officials.

Carter’s real legacy remains in Iran with the Islamic Revolution and the rise of the murderous mullahs.

Before Jimmy entered the White House, America’s closest friend and ally in the Muslim world was Iran’s Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who ascended to the Peacock Throne as Shah (the Persian word for king) in 1941.

The Shah modernized Iran by launching the so-called “white revolution,” a massive attempt to Westernize the Persian country through the construction of roads, railways, airports, dams for power and irrigation, agribusiness, pipelines for the oil companies, steel and petrochemical plants, heavy metallurgy, and public health, education, and welfare programs. He bolstered the expansion of U.S. business and industry throughout Iran; shared he spoils of his country’s oil reserves with Britain and the United States; endorsed (at the request of President Eisenhower) the Baghdad Pact to ward off the spread of communism in the Middle East, and never voted against America in the United Nations.

By the 1960s, Iran’s back-alley bazaars became transformed into Fifth Avenue shops. Rock ‘n roll blared from the radio stations. Movie theaters showed the latest Hollywood flicks, and programs like Rawhide and I Love Lucy played on Iranian television. Restaurants served beer and hotdogs. Nightclubs and casinos catered to foreign tourists, foreign contractors, and foreign military advisers.

And let’s remember that the Shah, unlike the fat Middle Eastern despots and dictators, never asked or received a dime in U.S. foreign aid.

But not all Iranians were pleased with the changes. The Shi’ite clerics viewed the democratic changes as diabolic. The straw that broke the camel’s back came with the Shah’s democratic ruling that Iranian officials were free to take their oath of office on whatever holy scripture they preferred – including the Christian Bible. The mullahs under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini rose to condemn the Shah in mosques and seminaries and to demand his removal from the throne.

Enter Jimmy Carter.

Instead of supporting America’s ally, Jimmy, true to his form as a turncoat, supported the Ayatollah as a “fellow man of religion.” Andrew Young, Carter’s ambassador to the UN, went so far as to call Khomeini, who sanctioned sex with cows and camels, a “misunderstood saint.”

When Khomeini launched his evil revolution, Carter refused to provide the Shah with any kind of military assistance, despite his pleading.

Instead, Jimmy demanded that he release from prison all the murderous mullahs and militant radicals who were bound and determined to overthrow the government and to impose an intransigent interpretation of Sharia (Muslim law) on every Iranian.

The Shah acquiesced to this demand and the rest in history.

The Ayatollah – Carter’s misunderstood saint – came to power and launched a bloodbath that resulted in the deaths of 20,000 pro-Western Iranians. Churches and synagogues were razed, cemeteries desecrated, and shrines vandalized and demolished. The judicially murdered included the 102-year-old Kurdish poet Allameh Vahidi and a 9-year-old girl convicted of “attacking revolutionary guards.” Women were reduced to servitude. They lost their rights to attend school, to initiate divorce, or to retain custody of their children. When they appeared in public, women were obliged to wear the hijab (the traditional Islamic head cover). All American music was outlawed. The movie theaters were shut down; the nightclubs closed. To top things off, the Muslim militants overran the U.S. embassy in Teheran and seized 60 Americans as hostages.

Good ol’ Jimmy responded by his infamous “malaise speech” of July 15, 1979 in which the former peanut former expressed his belief that America had lost its guts and remained in a state of near senility.

The Shah was treated by the Carter White House as a pariah and died of cancer in Cairo on July 27, 1980.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran fanned the flames of jihad throughout the world and gave birth to al Qaeda and hundreds of other Muslim terror groups.

In recent years, the former peanut farmer has been cultivating friendships with such rabid anti-American dictators as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Kim Jong-Il.

And now Jimmy, ever true to form, is demanding that we embrace Hamas and Hezbollah as our friends – just as he embraced the crazed Khomeini and the mad mullahs.

Thanks, Jimmy, but no thanks. Contributing Editor Paul L. Williams is the author of The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World, The Al Qaeda Connection, and other best-selling books. He is a frequent guest on such national news networks as ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, and NPR. Visit his website at

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