The Callous And Heartless Disregard Of Environmentalists

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You have to feel some sympathy for those environmentalists who are among us.

I’m sure that they like to think of themselves as the collective conscience of us all. They have that personal satisfaction that they believe they are doing good on behalf of the Planet. They have latched onto something they have been told, because it sounds so plausible, and has been couched in terms that make it sound so righteous. They also believe that the rest of us who do not accept it are somehow the lowest of low vandals who are actively destroying the Planet. They won’t say that out loud, but if they were to sit down and think about, that is exactly the position they have adopted. They like to think of themselves as somehow whiter than white, and they wear that purity like a proud cloak.

What they really have not done is to check just what the consequences of this belief will lead to, and exactly what they are showing themselves to be, and that is something that they do not realise, and have not even bothered to look at, because they have set their eyes on the one target without looking at the big picture.

What I am talking about here is those Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions that result from the generation of the electrical power that they take so much for granted. They have been told that these CO2 emissions are a Greenhouse Gas that is slowly but surely heating up the Planet. This CO2 comes out of the stacks of those coal fired power plants mainly, and this accounts for almost 30% of all CO2 emissions. In the U.S. these emissions of CO2 just from the generation of coal fired power amount to around 3 Billion tons, and when viewed in the isolation of that 3 Billion tons, it’s easy to believe that there might be a problem. The even bigger picture tells us that from the surface of the Planet each and every year an amount of 50 Billion tons of CO2 is emitted. From that, it then becomes even easier to believe that there is a problem.

However, that 50 Billion tons adds just on 0.0002% to the existing 0.0385% of the total Atmospheric content for this trace gas, a gas that is absolutely essential for life on Earth. The larger figures of 50 Billion tons Worldwide, and in isolation that 3 Billion tons from the U.S. coal fired power plants are the figures used because they impress more than 0.0002%, a figure that might actually cause people to question the argument.

So, the coal fired power plant is being painted as the ‘bad guy’ in all of this, and there are calls to shut them down and replace them with plants that use environmentally friendly green renewable sources, the Sun and the Wind.

I have gone to inordinate lengths to explain that this is something that just cannot be done.

However, what those large figures have done is to instill into the minds of the people a false belief that something needs to be done about it.

So, as the numbers have steadily increased of those who believe this, then the argument from the ‘true believers’ now becomes easier to sustain.

If it actually proceeds to the end game, then these people have condemned us all to something that was totally unintended, but by then it will be too late.

Those coal fired power plants will close down one after the other, driven to extinction by introduced economic packages to make them uneconomical to keep producing that electricity. They will have been regulated out of business. They will have been litigated out of service. Bean counters who operate these plants will tell the operators that it is not economically viable to keep the plants operating.

One by one, as those plants close down, those ‘true believers’ will be cheering loudly and ticking off the tons of saved CO2 now not being emitted into the Atmosphere.

However what is happening as they close down is that those supposedly ‘green’ plants. powered by the Sun and the Wind will be under construction, small plants here and there, gradually starting to supply power to the grids. These plants will not be working yet, as in the main, they take 7 to 10 years to construct. So, as one large coal fired plant after another shuts down, you will be needing twenty of these smaller plants to come on line to replace that electricity from just one coal fired plant. The very nature of these green plants is that they can only provide power for one third of the time that those coal fired plants can. So a coal plant that provides electricity 24/7/365 is being replaced by 20 plants that can only provide power for say 8 hours out of every 24.

Electric power that was there one day, and now not there, as the coal fired plant has closed, might be replaced in part by a plant still four or five years off into the future.

Power will have to be rationed, and in the main, what power there is will have to go to Industrial and Commercial sectors first, otherwise, there will be no jobs to go to.

There will be no electrical power. That is the end result of all this. No electricity. Not a worst case scenario, but the bald truth.

There is no embellishing this if you are one of those true believer environmentalists.

This is what you have in store for all of us. You will have done this. You will have lobbied politicians who only wanted your vote to stay in power, and to garner your vote, they will introduce draconian legislation to make it harder for those coal fired plants to stay operating. You will have achieved your end. The CO2 being emitted from those U.S. coal fired power plants will gradually drop.

At the same time, the lights will start winking off all across the U.S. Then you will really see demonstrations.

Will you still be proudly beating your chests then, thinking of yourselves as the conscience of all us collectively.

You will also show yourselves as racists on the worst level. You will rail against China as they keep constructing those foul coal fired power plants at the rate of one large plant each and every week. You will like to think of yourself as warmly accepting of all people, and yet what you are doing by this very thing is callously saying ‘I’m okay, but I’m afraid you will have to do without something that I already have.’

That something is the access to a reliable, constant supply of electricity, now diminishing as your aim has been achieved within the U.S. and you are now seeking to impose that false belief on people who do not have any electricity at all.

With justification, China will say that they are only constructing these plants to bring that electrical power to their own people, where currently, less than one household in seven to ten has any electrical power at all, approximately 800 million to a billion people without any electricity at all, let alone a regular supply. You, as the conscience of us all, have that access to electrical power. They do not, and if you have your way, they never will. Because China will tell us that they are only building power plants (of every type) to bring electrical power to their people, you won’t see it. All you will see is that those nasty Communist Chinese power brokers have no thought for the environment that you as the conscience of us all have.

You will have your righteousness enhanced.

However, you will condemn those Chinese people to a life that you will never even understand, let alone be willing to put up with yourself. The same applies to every one of those developing Countries. You will tell them that they cannot have access to cheap, reliable, steady electrical power because you dont want that 0.0002% of the Atmosphere added to.

You will be safe in the belief that you are actually making a difference, achieving something, making the World a better place.

You’ll be doing nothing of the sort. You will be condemning those people to a continuation of the poverty they live in now, and within the U.S. you will have achieved the end result of bringing us all back to their level.

Will you still be beating your chests then?

No, you’ll be wondering why no one told you about this. Why no one mentioned that these renewable plants cost so much, why they take so long to come into being, why they cannot provide the electrical power you were once so used to. Why no one ever mentioned these things.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that right now even, you are doing something to make a difference. You’re not using as much electricity. You believed the hype that told you that replacing your light bulbs with those compact fluorescent lights means that you are saving electricity, and as an added bonus because of that saving money.

Even that is a fallacy you have allowed yourself to falsely believe.

Electrical lighting in your house makes up 8.5% of the total electricity you use. Residence construction convention now regulates that the light most used in the house (that of the work area, the kitchen) is more often than not a tri phosphor high intensity fluorescent light. This is the light most used in any household, and this one light alone accounts for 60% of the overall electrical power used for lighting. Other lights, as in bathrooms are also quite commonly fluorescent lighting as well. A lot of houses now also utilise down lighting, LED lighting and other high intensity lighting, so by replacing all those other lights in your house that you actually can replace with those new compact fluoros, then you will be replacing around 25% to 30% of that remaining 40% power usage after the kitchen light. So, these new lights use only 25% of the power of the incandescent lights they are replacing.

The savings now amount to 75% of 25% of 8.5%, or 1.5% of your overall power usage. Using the average US power consumption figures, this amounts to 150KWH per year,and based upon the average U.S. price paid for electrical power, then the savings by converting to compact fluorescent lighting amounts to 35 cents a week.

If every single residence in the U.S. did this, then the savings in emitted CO2 amount to 16 Million tons, which is slightly less that one half of one percent of the overall U.S. total emissions, slightly less than that being emitted from one large coal fired power plant.

So, for all you environmentalists out there who pride yourself as the conscience of us all, anything you do at a personal level amounts to all but nothing, and what you are showing yourselves to be is someone with a heartless disregard for your fellow man, be they U.S. citizens or citizens of the World as a whole.

And you can’t even see that.

Think about it.