Teens Sentenced in Shenandoah Case

Posted on Wed 06/17/2009 by


Today was the sentencing hearing for the Shenandoah teenagers acquitted of the most serious charges in relation to the death of the suspected fugitive and admitted illegal alien from Mexico, Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala,  last summer. After being found guilty only of simple assault and underage drinking charges, Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak learned their fates for the immediate future.

Brandon will serve 6-23 months in prison for his role in the fight.

Derrick will serve 6-20 months in jail for his participation.

Brian Scully, the teen charged as a juvenile, awaits his sentencing expected in July after the probation department gathers its recommendation.

Both Brandon and Derrick must report to prison by 9am July 20.

UPDATE 12/16/09: Travesty of Justice in Shenandoah