Are We In Danger Of De-Americanising The U.S.?

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I want you to watch this stirring video, and then I want you to think about something.

This video is of the recent Graduation Ceremony at High Point University in North Carolina, and was posted to You Tube by BaldEagleInfo home site of The American Eagle Foundation. The singer is Lee Greenwood and ‘Challenger’ is what makes us all feel so proud.

I want you all to think about something.

I can understand how some of you may seem a little puzzled as to why I am commenting like this. After all, I’m from Australia, and it might seem a little ‘rich’ of me to be commenting on what is happening in the U.S. However, a similar thing is happening here in Australia, in the UK, in some European Countries, and elsewhere in the World.

I want to use an analogy to make the point here, and this is not a direct using of this one Company, but is used for the purposes of comparison.

Dick and ‘Mac’ McDonald opened a simple burger joint in San Bernadino in 1940, and then slowly franchised it into a small number of areas. Ray Kroc convinced them that it might work on a huge scale, and McDonalds was born on exactly that huge scale. Ray took control of the Company and then it expanded on an even larger scale, and then out of the U.S. and is now World wide on a scale probably not originally envisioned. The idea was that you could walk into a McDonalds anywhere on the Planet, and know for sure that you could get exactly the same thing as you might at your local place nearby wherever you lived. So a Big Mac in Beijing, in Surfers Paradise, in Manchester, in Munich, in Tokyo, is exactly the same as it is in any McDonalds anywhere at all in the U.S.

How does that play out with point I’m trying to make here?

Here in Australia, and the same applies in the U.S. the U.K. and in European Countries, we seem to be gradually starting to lose the identity that we have as residents of those Countries. We are being told that we should be more sympathetic to those from other Countries, probably less fortunate than we are in ours, and that we should start to become more of a ‘one World’ society, somehow watering down the identity we have as citizens of our Countries. We freely open our borders and in the main accept those who wish to come to our Countries. Those people then become citizens of our Countries, but we are gradually making more and more concessions to those who come. Some will move into areas where people from their original Country reside and the easy thing to do is to try and make that area what it was like in the Country they came from, speaking the same language, because after all English is a second language, and just like those of us who speak English, we have no real need to learn a second language. So, ever so gradually we have changed our laws, we become more tolerant, because after all, we have always been tolerant. We apologise for the ‘way’ we are. This is not a bad thing, but what we need to do most of all is to keep our own identity, because that is what makes us … us. We need our laws to apply to all those who come to our Countries, not to change ours to adjust to them.

They come to our Countries to pursue a better life, because in our Countries we have a lifestyle that they do not have in the Countries they originally came from. They are the ones who wanted that better lifestyle. If they have any problems with that, then it is just as easy for them to go back to their old Country, and not however to lobby that we should change to best suit them. We, as a whole have facilitated this by allowing the people who represent us to do this.

It is absolutely impossible for the whole of the Planet to become ‘One World’. The United Nations is attempting to do something like this, but because even the UN is divided into so many member Countries, those less fortunate Countries have the vast numerical superiority when it comes to a vote, so those of us in those Countries perceived as more fortunate are always outvoted by the larger number, and bodies like the UN impose measures on our fortunate Countries that disadvantage us, all the while saying we should be more tolerant. We, in actual fact, have more tolerance than those other Countries, otherwise why would people so desperately go to what we consider extreme lengths just to want to come and have the lifestyle we have already in our Countries.

People get in leaky boats and motor to Australia to illegaly enter the Country. People stow away in Trucks and cross the English Channel to illegaly enter England. People flock across the border between Mexico and the U.S. People get in more leaky boats and sail across the Mediterranean from North Africa to illegaly enter Southern European Countries. In the main we have accepted them all. They have gone to great lengths under extreme difficulties to escape to our Countries. What they need to then realise after we have accepted them, is that onus is on them to become good citizens in their new Country, and not to try and lobby that we should change to become more like their old Country.

Now, I fully understand that something like this is controversial, and that those liberals out there would point the finger at me and call me a racist, a simple resonse. However, those saying that have that good lifestyle in the Country that they already reside in. They speak from a position that their fellow Countrymen fought for, so that they could have that freedom to call me intolerant and a racist for suggesting it in the first place.

What we need to be aware of is that we do not water down our identity to a point where we lose it entirely, and it is then too late to get it back, in our efforts to somehow become ‘multicultural’.

We are what we are. We are tolerant. We have that freedom to express these opinions. In nine out of ten Countries that these people come from, they do not have those freedoms. We are asked to change, while they continue to go along the way that they always have. We introduce legislation bit by bit to change the way we are, and they do not.

I am a proud Australian and I served my Country for 25 years, and I want to remain as an Australian, and not as just a citizen of the One World, and the same should apply for you as U.S. citizens.

I like my food as much as the next person. If I wanted to travel, I’d like a good steak in the US, I’d like to eat Chinese food in Beijing, sushi in Tokyo, Bratwurst sausage in Munich, and different foods from those different Countries. The idea of travelling and going to the one place just because the food will always be the same does not appeal to me one little bit. The same applies with those Countries. I don’t want everybody to be the same, and if the truth be told, neither would they.