Gun Buyback Programs Actually Benefit Criminals

Posted on Thu 06/04/2009 by


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To those of you who allow your ideology regarding gun control to overrule your common sense, the scenario I am about to present will seem a bit farfetched.
Those of you capable of rational thought will feel otherwise.

Allow us to consider a typical gun buyback program in an U.S. town or city:

The news media will make announcements that the local police department will be handing out gift cards to dining establishments, retail shops, whatever, for any firearm a citizen turns into the police, no questions asked.

Usually, the rationale behind these programs is explained as  being a way of reducing the number of guns that could be stolen and used in a crime, and/or as a means of preventing accidental shooting deaths.

The question remains, do programs such as these really accomplish their purpose?
Let’s think about in in depth.

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