Morons STILL Cannot Get the Facts Straight

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by Turtle

I was trolling the net, and came across this non-factual defaming article from Worker’s World:

While immigrants and their supporters celebrated May Day elsewhere in the U.S., an all-white jury in Pottsville, Pa., approved the lynching of Luis Ramirez.

A gang of drunken white thugs shouting racist slurs attacked Ramirez in nearby Shenandoah last July 12. Foam ran from his mouth when Ramirez was found convulsing in the street.

The 25-year-old immigrant worker and father of three children was taken off life support two days later. His body was flown back to his mother in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Ramirez was beaten so severely that a bruised impression of Jesus from the medallion he wore was imbedded on his chest. Brains oozed from his skull.

Really. Lynching? Seriously? Doesn’t ‘lynching’ require the immediate death, usually by hanging, not dying days later in a hospital?

Also, testimony from the trial, per Roxanne Rector, the 15-year-old “fiancee” of Luis Ramirez, stated that Ramirez removed his shirt, wallet and medallion before he chased after the boys. If he had taken those items off, how could there possibly be an imprint of the medallion on his chest? I’ve already posted a picture of Ramirez in the hospital, gown open on the chest, and NO VISIBLE DAMAGE THERE. Not from CPR, not from a medallion, not from punches – nothing.

Yet on May 1 the Schuylkill County jury found Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak guilty of only simple assault. Piekarsky was acquitted of third-degree murder and ethnic intimidation, while Donchak was acquitted of aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation.

Jurors ignored the testimony of another attacker, Colin Walsh, who implicated Piekarsky and Donchak. Walsh pleaded guilty to federal charges of violating the civil rights of Ramirez.

Ramirez was lynched, like James Byrd Jr., a Black man who was dragged to death in Jasper, Texas, by white racists in 1998. Or Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was also tortured to death the same year by bigots outside Laramie, Wyo.

Back in 1955, another all-white jury in Mississippi acquitted the murderers who mutilated the 14-year-old Black youth Emmett Till. A judge in Queens, N.Y., recently let the police killers go free who fired 50 shots at Sean Bell, killing him on his wedding day.

Before he was killed, Ramirez was working two jobs to support his children, Angelina, Eduardo and Kiara. “He worked hard so his kids would have more than he had growing up,” his widow, Crystal Dillman, said. “I just don’t understand how you can beat someone so badly when you don’t even know them.” (CNN, July 31.)

Derrick and Brandon were guilty only of simple assault because there was no evidence at all proving they did anything else. Jurors may not have put a lot of faith into Colin’s testimony, but that would have more to do with his statements possibly being bought and paid for by the feds.

The Byrd story is not a comparison to the Shenandoah case because Byrd was dragged behind a truck, while Ramirez in the Shenandoah case had plenty of opportunities to leave. Byrd had no such chance. Matthew Shepherd is also not a comparison because Sheperd was tied to a fence, tortured, and robbed. The Shenandoah boys did no such thing; they simply defended themselves from an attacker. The Till story is from 50 years ago; Till was shot in the head, then thrown into the river after being attached to a weight with barbed wire. Again, not even close to compare with the Shen boys. Sean Bell was shot by NYPD, who were acting under their capacities as law enforcement.

Not one of these “comparable cases” has even a shred of similarity to Shenandoah.

Radio hate-mongers like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage don’t know any of the immigrants whom they demonize. The immigrants working in the fields and packing plants put food on their tables.

Fifteen miles from where Ramirez was lynched, Hazelton Mayor Lou Barletta pushed through a vicious law in 2008 that prohibited renting to undocumented workers. Although a federal judge threw out this ordinance in 2009, it inflamed the hate that killed Luis Ramirez.

Tens of thousands once worked in the anthracite coalmines in the region. Some 51,483 Pennsylvania miners were killed in mining accidents since 1870. Many of the mine owners’ “Main Line” mansions outside Philadelphia were built with the blood of these miners.

Anthracite coalmines have been closing for generations. As the economy declined, the wealthy promoted racism to divide workers.

Rush and Savage are realists who do not fear the brown supremacy backlash and whining. I have never heard Rush nor Savage demonize any immigrants. They rail against the illegal aliens – criminals. There is a very large, gaping difference between the two. I wonder what “hate” flamed the murder of Derek Kichline, shot dead in cold blood by illegal alien drug dealers in Hazleton, which created the reason for implementing that law.

The wealthy did no such thing as promoting a racial divide. This is just made up out of thin air.

By 1997 five state prisons were in the former mining counties of Luzerne, Northumberland and Schuylkill. Sometimes the only jobs available to descendants of miners are those of prison guards. There, they are in a hostile situation to inmates, whom they often brutalize. The inmates are overwhelmingly Black and Latina/o.

Despite bigots like Hazelton Mayor Barletta, many area residents expressed dismay at the brutal death of Ramirez. They need support from progressives around the country to oppose the racists.

Yes, these areas have seen an increased need for prisons due to the crime coming here from NY, NJ, Mexico, and other places that harbor illegal aliens. The more the foreigners invade this country, the more prisons need to be built. The prisons are overwhelmingly minorities because they are the ones committing most of the crimes! The guards rarely have any complaints against them, let alone arbitrary “brutality.” Show some evidence!

Barletta has made no comments about the Shenandoah verdict as of yet, and I doubt he will.

We definitely need to unite to stop the racists – the anti-American, brown supremacy racists who think they can twist whatever they want to get their own way.

Not this time. The boys were acquitted. Deal with it.