Where I’ve Been and Why So Quiet

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by Turtle

Since some were wondering why I was so quiet since October, I thought I’d share my story. It begins the day before Valentine’s, in 2008, just over a year ago. I was on my way home from work, and it had been flurrying most of the day. Sleet started, then stopped, and I was only five minutes from home. Everyone on the road was going only about 25 miles per hour due to the weather. I was rounding a curve when I saw a white SUV speeding towards me around the curve. The vehicle was halfway into my lane, so I moved more to the right to avoid it. The jeep came into my lane more, and within milliseconds, hit me head-on, driver-to-driver.

When I came to, I realized that I was still alive and had been in an accident. My glasses were gone, my nose gushing blood, and I couldn’t turn my car off. I tried to step on the brake to put it into park, but I felt stinging and terrible pain in my right leg when I tried to press the brake pedal. I could see people outside my car, some on cell phones, some checking on the jeep’s occupants, all obviously disturbed from witnessing the accident. My car had crunched up, and the door wouldn’t open. By then, I’d realized my leg was broken and my nose might have been too, but I was otherwise ok. I crawled out the passenger side door and into the freezing rain. I thought my car might blow up, so I got as far as I could, about 4-5 feet, from it when I could go no more.

A bystander asked if she could call anyone for me, and contacted my husband, Ed. He came to the scene, and we waited in the sleet for a long time until I was finally loaded into an ambulance. A wonderful lady named Linda was on her way home from work when she saw the accident, and she stayed with me until I was in the ambulance. Linda is a nurse – I call that a miracle.

I spent the evening in the hospital ER, getting tested for all kinds of things – breaks, internal bleeding, etc. The ER sent me home that night, but I was admitted into the hospital the next day. A few days later, I was operated on, a metal plate and 9 screws placed into the broken bones.

The next few weeks, I was very groggy and in pain unlike any I’ve ever felt before (and I’ve given birth to six children!). I started PT, then I was taken out of the cam boot cast at the end of July. I began OT along with the PT, but one piece of bone just refused to heal. One of the screws is a winching screw, holding the fibula and tibia together just above the ankle.I have been terrified to be in car since then, let alone willing or able to drive myself.

At the end of October, things were calming down with the Shenandoah case, I had to prepare for Christmas for the kids and still couldn’t drive. The job I work is seasonal, and we start our continued training in late fall (Nov-Dec). In January, the doctor put me back into the cam boot because that winching screw is showing signs of being too stressed, and he feared it would snap. I was taken out of the boot in March, with a scheduled surgery for late April after I was finished working for the season, but the doctor postponed it. Now I am scheduled for tomorrow morning to have the screw removed. While I won’t be under anesthesia, I will be thoroughly medicated!I expect to not write any articles here again for perhaps a week, at least a few days, until I am off the medication. If the bone shard still does not heal by July, I will have to go for a bone graft.

I would appreciate any and all prayers for healing, but especially prayers for my children to be strong and at peace with the surgery tomorrow, because they are very worried. So thank you to anyone who sends up prayers for my munchkins.

Be back soon!

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