Shenandoah Teens: Free at Last!

Posted on Sat 05/02/2009 by


by Turtle

The verdict is in: Not Guilty for most charges. Brandon Piekarsky was found guilty only of simple assault. Derrick Donchak was found guilty only of simple assault, 3 counts of corruption of minors, and 3 counts of furnishing alcohol to minors.


I had the honor and pleasure of spending the day with the families of both boys, and was invited into the family room for the duration of the jury deliberations. Out of respect for these people who have been through much more than they ever should have been, I won’t elaborate. I will say, however, that they are all loving, caring, family-oriented people and all were distraught over this whole mess. I’m glad I was able to be their voice for the last nine months.

As it is very late, I’m going to get some sleep and will recap closing arguments tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for the boys, and for everyone who believed in hearing the truth.