BREAKING: Defense Rests in Shenandoah Trial

Posted on Thu 04/30/2009 by


by Turtle

After only a day and a half of defense witness testimony, the defense rests its case. The prosecution rested on day 3. Day 4 started the defense’s side of the story, and now it’s only closing arguments and deliberation of the jury. This case may even be over today.

Background: Four teenagers in Shenandoah, PA  accused of murdering an illegal alien from Mexico on July 12, 2008, simply for being brown, because one of the boys told Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala to return to his home country. One of the teens is charged in juvenile court, another turned state’s evidence. Of the two that are left, one is 17 and faces possible 3rd degree murder with ethnic intimidation, the other is 19 and faces aggravated assault with ethnic intimidation. Both have underage drinking charges as well.

This story has caught national media attention and brought the ire of brown supremacy groups across the country, especially MALDEF, who has been preventing the DA from giving the reasonable plea agreement he offered right before the dismissal hearing in the fall.

The witnesses on both sides contradict each other and themselves. I don’t see how a jury could be certain beyond a reasonable doubt about who actually might have been responsible for the death of Ramirez, but juries can be strange sometimes. Start praying.

UPDATE: court is done for today. Closing statements and deliberations will start at 9am, Friday. I am making arrangements to be there, and will update on Twitter, as necessary. Anyone wanting to follow, can sign up here.