Law & Order TBA Recap Spoiler

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by Turtle

The show starts off with a hispanic man getting up in the morning and apparently waiting for his ride to work as a day laborer. Someone appears to have been hit by a car. As the investigators discuss the scene, it becomes apparent that the person was either thrown or jumped out of a moving vehicle window due to shards of glass in his pants. Doc says guy has lots of broken bones and abrasions. Shots of man in hospital bed eerily resemble the photos given to the news media by Crystal Dillman of her sort-of fiancee Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala. Oh yeah, his name is “Oswaldo Morales” (oswaldo = eduardo?)

Another ‘immigrant’ tells the cops where Oswaldo looked for day labor. The cops go talk (in Spanish of course) to the other guys at the labor pickup spot. The tell the cops that Oswaldo was picked up by ‘white teenagers’ who said they needed one guy.

Shots of cops trolling youtube for “beaner videos” DA says “a new twist on hate crimes” and they watch a video of “how to take America back” where a supposed illegal alien is being tortured by loud voiced males, one of whom is brandishing a 9mm.

Checking on clues in video: 3 white kids beat up an illegal. Mechanic says one of the kids was 16 or 17, agrees to look at photo lineup. Cops tell mechanic the boys beat an illegal immigrant into a coma. Mechanic looks at pics of illegal (again looking an awful lot like Zavala Ramirez), then picks a kid out of the yearbook. Meanwhile the cops are blabbing to the school principal who says there’s resentment in the school from the athletes because the school cut some sport activities.

One of the perps is apparently half-white, half-hispanic; the name is Tony. One of the cops says to send illegals home humanely, on a bus, and then to build the fence deep and high. The other says the depression will cure illegal immigration.

Tony’s mom tries to keep the cops from interviewing her son (even pretends to not understand English at first). They return to her house and see that her car has a broken window, and Tony opens the front door. Mom tells him to get back inside, then won’t let the cops pass to talk to Tony. Mom starts calling their lawyer on her cell phone and Tony goes back inside and shuts the door.

Victim last seen getting into a green Toyota, Tony’s mom’s car doesn’t match the description, judge says he cannot give a warrant without probable cause. The cops ask if the hispanic judge would do it, and the judge says I don’t think so.

Cops trying to figure out who the other perps are, using the yearbook, specifically the basketball team because “Tony is on the basketball team, so the guys who helped him probably are, too.” Timothy “the blonde with the BB gun” is “upstate with his dad checking out colleges.” (Derrick Donchak anyone?) Timothy’s mother tells the cops he was with Tony and owns a BB gun.

Coach says team manager has access to computer, and cops say the “beaner video” they saw was uploaded from the coach’s computer. Judge sets bail at $150,000 each. Defense attorney and DA argue over the hate crime issue, the videos get suppressed from evidence.

Homeless guy found under a mattress dead with head trauma, and the cops on scene somehow know it was caused by a baseball bat. The white cop assumes the same basketball playing teens killed this guy. DA’s office watching news report on tv about the “deplorable events” going on. Homeless guy was killed 24 hours after Morales was thrown from the car. Morales is still alive, BTW.

The ‘legal reality’ is that they’re joining the two cases. Defense atty and DA argue in front of the judge, bantering about a “branding” device used on both victims. Judge says show some evidence before she’ll join the cases.

Morales was medivacked to Honduras, his home country, based on hospital policy to repatriate illegal aliens with their home countries. DA lawyers tell their boss that paying for medical care with taxpayers money when millions cannot afford healthcare, won’t help the DA’s political image. DA staff go to Honduras to bring Morales back to NY, promising his mother they will get all his medical expenses paid for (with taxpayers money of course!). (Sounds reminiscent of the Derek Kichline murder at the hands of Dominican illegals a couple years ago – where the “star witness” was deported and the DA in Luzerne County, PA sent investigators to fetch him, but he refused to return. L&O is pulling a bunch of illegal alien stories together for this episode, but mostly the Shenandoah case.)

Branding device: a Mexican coin, lines up perfectly on burn marks on both victims. Judge grants joint trial for both crimes. Parents hold a press conference talking about Americans being killed by illegal aliens and says their kids are being scapegoated. Parents bring up the “woman in Washington DC” (presumably Chandra Levy) and the drug dealers. DA answers press questions about his expense request for the illegal alien’s medical care and flight back to NY. DA dodges questions with witty avoidance.

DA talks about his divorce, says ex-wife hired a nanny that happened to be an illegal.

Kyle hires a lawyer and wants to talk (Colin Walsh?). Kyle said he’s not going down for what they did. Kyle will plead for assault on Morales, but nothing on the murder. Kyle swears he had nothing to do with the murder. DA says he has to testify, then they’ll talk about deals.

Kyle testifies that his friends shot hispanic men with a BB gun. One hispanic flipped them off and they beat him up. Says they went once a week looking for hispanics to rough up. Went to the city to find them to avoid local cops. Used a coin found in Cancun to brand the men as illegals.

Morales came up to the ar and they gave him $50. Tony spoke to him in Spanish to make him comfortable. Kyle says he used a pipe, and they held the guy down, pressing the coin into his face. Morales fought back, ended up getting pushed out the window.

The group talked about “doing it right” and killed the homeless guy (Alvares). Kyle said he stayed home that night. He denied his friends bragged about it. Defense gets Kyle to say he really doesn’t know if his friends actually killed Alvares because he wasn’t there. Kyle admits his fear may have colored his testimony. DA asks if Kyle is telling the truth. Says he’s telling the truth.

Mr. Lopez is an illegal alien in this country on the witness stand, testifying about his assault by the same boys. Said they broke his nose and ribs and he should “go back to Mexico.” Defense clls him on being an “admitted thief and liar” but judge won’t strike his testimony from the record. ICE shows up to take Lopez into custody. Judge says to DA to make sure the witness isn’t deported.

Tony’s mother sticks up for her son “he doesn’t hate anyone,” etc. She says he never says “beaner” because that word hurts. Says Tony doesn’t have hate in his heart. DA tells jury Tony’s mom faked being the housekeeper, but she says the cops assumed she was a “grauncho” which is apparently a Spanish word for ‘low-class poor person.” She’s caught in a lie because she said her kid doesn’t use those kinds of words.

Someone watched a show on illegal immigration on an Iphone, and the judge calls the lawyers in. Juror says he only showed it to 4 others, but he is dismissed from the jury. Judge refuses to declare a mistrial because the other jurors promise not to be prejudiced in their decision. Calls the juror with the Iphone a “race-baiting pus bag.” (The juror is an Irish-looking man, with reddish-blonde hair and freckles.)

Jury finds defendants not guilty of murder of Alvares. They also find them not guilty of the attempted murder of Morales. They find the defendants guilty of the lesser charge of assault.

DAs talk to Morales’s mother in hospital room and she’s ticked because those teenage boys will get “only 5 years for what they did” to her son.

DA meeting: Cutter gets a call that Morales had a Do Not Resuscitate order and was removed from life support and died 20 minutes later. DA plans to charge the teens with Morlaes’s murder (because they found him guilty of assaulting him). They ask whether Morales’s mother might have been told that if he died they could press a murder charge. DA says everyone games the system.