ANZAC Day – Australia – 2009

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This first image shows troops coming ashore at ANZAC Cove at 8AM on April 25 1915.

Today, April 25 is the most solemn of days on Australia’s calendar.

It is ANZAC Day, similar to the U.S. Veterans Day.

ANZAC is the acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

Australia has been in every major conflict since the uprisings in Central Africa in the mis 1800’s. We were also at the Boer War at the turn of 1900. However, in those earlier conflicts Australia was a part of the British forces.

At 4.15 AM on April 25, 1915, Australians waded ashore at an obscure beach on the Turkish Peninsula at a small outpost called Ari Burnu, and now forever known as ANZAC Cove, Australian sacred soil. This was the first time Australians had gone into battle under the flag of Australia.

Each year we commemorate the day with services held at thousands of places across the Country at Memorials, and at 4.15 AM, that time and that date ever remembered. This image shows the crowd gathered for this morning’s service at the Australian War Memorial in our Capital Canberra.


Later at around 10 AM, there are thousands of marches across the Country, some small, and others in the State Capitals quite large.

Last year on this day, I contributed a post on a general overview of the campaign from the first landing to the orderly evacuation. Here is the link to that post.

The Australian ABC has also posted an interactive website of the landing and the campaign. It is a large site, and has animated short clips of the whole campaign. I urge you to visit the site, and even though quite large, it is well worth saving the link and visiting it at later times.

Today is not a day we glorify War. It is the day we remember those brave men who acted in our name to make the World that little bit safer and more civilised.

Lest We Forget.

Image credits.

Landing. Australian War Memorial Archives.

Canberra crowd scene. Gary Ramage.


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