EPA Threatens Our Economy By Officially Announcing Global Warming Is A Threat

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Nick Loris.

We knew it was coming, but rather than being cliché and waiting until Earth Day next week, the Environmental Protection Agency has issued an endangerment finding, saying that global warming and climate change pose a serious threat to public health and safety and thus almost anything that emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases could be regulated under the Clean Air Act. This is the first official action taken by the federal government to regulate carbon dioxide. Arbitrary restrictions and regulations in the name of curbing global warming do nothing but promise extraordinary perils for the American economy – all for little, if any, environmental benefit. The Associated Press reports:

“The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are a danger to public health and welfare, taking the first step to regulating pollution linked to climate change, The Associated Press has learned.

Such regulation would have widespread economic and social impact, from requiring more fuel efficient automobiles to limiting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and industrial sources, changing the way the nation produces energy.

The EPA has concluded that the science pointing to man-made pollution as a cause of global warming is “compelling and overwhelming.” The blame goes mainly to carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.”

The endangerment finding is the first step in a long regulatory process that could lead to EPA requiring different regulations and units of emissions requirements for each gadget that emits carbon dioxide. The first target would be automobiles, but the EPA’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) suggested regulations of almost everything that moves, including new regulations for smaller items such lawnmowers and forklifts.

We’ve often cited studies and conclusions from credible scientists arguing the global warming debate is anything but compelling and overwhelming. See, for instance:

Scientists Make Anti-Global Warming Case

Perhaps the most chilling information associated with global warming regulations are the staggering costs associated with them. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis found the economic costs of EPA regulations to be:

  • Cumulative gross domestic product (GDP) losses are nearly $7 trillion by 2029 (in inflation adjusted 2008 dollars)
  • Single-year GDP losses exceed $600 billion (in inflation-adjusted 2008 dollars).
  • Annual job losses exceed 800,000 for several years.

• Some industries will see job losses that exceed 50 percent.

The EPA’s official announcement kicks off a 60-day comment period before issuing a final ruling. When the agency announced its plan to micromanage the economy with global warming regulations, 14,461 of you went to www.stopepa.com to express your dissent to the EPA about the invasive new energy tax on businesses and individuals. We look forward to hearing your voice again.

Contributing Author Nick Loris writes at The Heritage Foundation and he is a Research Assistant at The Heritage Foundation’s Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies.

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