Shenandoah Boys Trial Set – Illegal-Huggers Expected

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by Turtle

The teenage Shenandoah boys who are going on trial for the trumped-up charges of murder have less than two weeks until they get their day in court. Of course, had the AP not blown the story way out of proportion, the boys wouldn’t have already been tried and hung in the media, and the day in court would be worth a heck of a lot more. The media has already destroyed any future the innocent-until-PROVEN-guilty teens might have otherwise had. I smell a libel lawsuit (I hope you’re reading this, parents!)

But I digress.

The jury selection begins on Wednesday, April 22, and the trial is scheduled to begin the following Monday, April 27. The circus will be held a quarter of a mile away, next to a daycare center, at 7th and Minersville Streets. This is supposed to be an effort to prevent the jurors from hearing any comments from the protesters (I don’t disagree with that) which could taint their decision. However, the citizens of the area have an issue with the placement of the loud, obnoxious illegal-huggers screaming their anti-American filth within earshot of those children, and rightly so.

I wonder if a certain political blogger who has invested a lot of time and energy following this story will be denied entrance to the courtroom based on the aforementioned quarter-mile perimeter for ‘protesters.’

That leads me to my next question: what, exactly, are the illegal huggers protesting? The boys’ right to a fair trial? Or their right to still be breathing? If it’s a counter protest they want, one can be arranged.

On a side note, I’ve been informed that Colin Walsh has turned states’ evidence in return for having his charges dropped. I would bet that dropping his charges hinges strategically NOT on Walsh’s testimony, but on a conviction. And we already know that Colin was pressured by the FBI to change his original statement. I wish I could help him. And I hope he tells the whole truth, as it happened, and not as the powers-that-be told him to say it. My prayers are with you, Colin, Brandon, Derrick, and juvenile-who-is-not-named-publicly (BTW, the unnamed-juvenile is a sweet kid).

Here’s where I ask readers for their input. Shenandoah residents, do you want/need Voice of the People USA to stand up for you once again in the face of racist ethnocentrists? If so, leave me a comment here or get in touch with Dan from VOPUSA.

Also leave me a comment if you know which pro-illegal alien groups are planning to scare pre-K children.

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