Despicable Attack On Sarah Palin By Rapper Ignored By Media

Posted on Fri 04/10/2009 by


Rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers) has come out with a new rap single. It is disgusting to say the least. The idea behind the rap is that famous women, and all women for that fact, would just love to sex with him, because he is a famous guy, and some might say this is a generalisation of his rap, but it is the basic intent. In the clip he uses a Sarah Palin lookalike and it is quite suggestive to say the very least.  Before his fans ‘flame’ me for maybe generalising, I have seen the whole video, copies of which are available on You Tube, and believe me, I am not going to link you to that video. Go find it yourself if you want to see it. What is disturbing is the mindset of people who actually want to look at this kind of thing, and that in itself is reason why the rapper himself must be laughing all the way to the bank, also indicating that people will actually WANT to look at something like this, and probably actually think to themselves that it isn’t all that harmless. The ‘Official’ clip was released on You Tube around 30 hours ago, and so far the count for views is up around 610,000 or 20,000 an hour, even through the night. By the time this post is actually posted the count will be up around the one million mark.

Imagine if a singer had made this song about Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, other Democrat politicians, or even The First Lady. The media would be screaming so loudly that every other news story would pale into insignificance, and be pushed into the background. However, because it is only about Sarah Palin, then it’s something that the mainstream media can totally ignore, seemingly ‘passe’ for them to want to see her denigrated, because of who she is, and also what she represents.

Tell me, where are the women’s rights groups complaining about this. The rap is demeaning to women in general, but the media seem to give the impression that it is somehow acceptable because, after all, it is only Sarah Palin, so they haven’t commented, telling us more about the sleaze in their own minds than that of even the rapper himself, or the people going there to watch the clip.

However, one media outlet has commented, and so that you don’t think that it is something you might expect from a perceived right wing media outlet, they also canvassed the opinion of a real feminist, Tammy Bruce. Here is the video clip of what they had to say about this disgustingly vile attempt to revive a flagging career of a rap star who was once relevant.

Hat tip to Pat Dollard for finding this video clip, and there are a few of them on the You Tube site, along with the rap itself.

This is an outrage, not only to Sarah Palin, but to women across the board.

What do you hear from the media?

Deafening Silence.