Money, Power, Obama and Redistribution

Posted on Fri 04/03/2009 by


By MJMotley

No one should be surprised by Barack Obama’s hubris in his disenfranchisement  of GM’s and Chrysler’s boards’ of directors and shareholders. His audacity in presuming that he was qualified to run the nation, after having never successfully run anything, was evident. There wasn’t anything, in his remarkably thin resume, to suggest that he had earned the privilege to the nation’s highest office. With that privilege now his, it should be only natural that he presume to usurp that which used to belong to GM’s & Chryslers shareholders and give it to whom he sees fit.

Obama’s use of offices held, for that which they were never intended, was how he ascended the ladder of Chicago politics. Example, Obama’s position overseeing the  Annenberg_Challenge  grants meant to improve of the test scores in Chicago Public Schools and then using them for the implementation Bill Ayers’ social engineering agenda. Ayers’ scholastic program  is about building the political power base of the future. That test scores  did not improve even marginally after $100’s of millions doled out, or that the Chicago Public Schools system remains the worst in the nation is of no matter. His political allies were generously funded, his political base strengthened, and then used to propel him up the next rung. It is not about doing what is best for his constituents, it is about building power.

Similarly, Obama’s seizing of GM & Chrysler is not about the health of America’s industry, it is about the health of his union base. Likewise his forcing GM & Chrysler/Fiat to adopt unproven “green technologies” is about saving the financial and political capital of his allies vested in it. Namely the environmental lobby, and the mistaken investors that placed bets on “green technologies” profitability. Obama will now guarantee those investors’ returns, and continued green support, through manufacturing subsidies and government service warranties of vehicles that don’t work, like the Chevy Volt . He will further insure those investments and political support by seeking legislation to limit the market to offering green products only. We again see the pattern, his financial generosity with someone else’s money, in return for political power.

We can also see this in the allocation of funds the Stimulus Bill . Banks that held the “toxic assets” are to be recompensed in full, while we have been left on the holding worthless paper. There is pitifully little in the stimulus for any of the people holding underwater mortgages, but billions for his political base in Community Organizing, Teachers Unions, and Green-Technology speculators.  Are we getting the picture yet?

While Obama may soothe the masses with platitudes about the under-privileged, what he is about is power. And he is assuming ever more of it as Geithner & the Fed assume control of any and all firms that they feel is a “systemic risk”. As we observe Team Obama ruling by fiat over our banks and industry, and coming soon, to our health & education systems, plus whatever else they deem as vital.  Contemplate that which they may possibly next construe as a “systemic risk”, and prepare to be denuded of further of the rights and protections that used to be afforded us by our Constitution.

As Obama amasses ever greater means of control over our economy, and therefore ourselves, remember that power once given, is far harder to retrieve afterward.