Barack And The Search For The Perfect Game

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Ah! 12 strikes in a row. If you bowl, you know what I mean. I got close once.  8 strikes, 9, spare. 9, spare, strike for a 268. I got my league average up from 150 to 184 over 10 years and then kept it there or about for four years.

I wasn’t going to comment on Barack Obama’s latest faux pas because all the other blogs have been running with it, but I thought about for a while, and it really opens up another line of thought completely, and I want you to think about that for a while.

The White House bowling lanes have been a fixture now for a while, since Harry S Truman in 1947 in fact. Richard Nixon had them upgraded when he was the President, because both he and Pat were keen bowlers, and both fairly good at it. President Obama has said he’d like to tear them up and replace them with a basketball court, but I guess he’s been practicing a bit of late, and tearing up a Museum, which it is now, might not go down too well.

Here he speaks in an untelepromptered ‘chat’ with Jay Leno on Thursday night.

His remark that he bowled a 129 brought a wry and semi sarcastic reply from Jay, and then the President dissed disabled people by referring to the Special Olympics in a disparaging manner.

That’s what has drawn comment from all the other bloggers, that he did slag off at disabled people. Liberals will probably forgive him, and some will probably even see nothing wrong in this supposedly light hearted comment. I just can’t even imagine how it would have been treated had it been George W Bush who made the comment. Later, on the plane flying back home, an aide came out and made an apology, again reiterating the offensive comment, and saying no offense was intended. So tell me then, if the liberals are always so politically correct and warm hearted and pure of mind, then why was it even said in the first place. And why send an underling aide out to make the apology.

It’s almost like yeah yeah, apologise blah blah, no harm meant blah blah, umm, special olympics great thing for disabled people blah blah, same old thing, stock reply, you know the drill. If he was so concerned, then the right thing would have been to make the apology himself, and that would have shown more sincerity than this stock hose down the problem reply from an aide.

Wait a minute!

Isn’t there more to it than this.

The Country is in the grip of the worst economic crisis in its history. Obama has been working night and day on it, so much so that it’s reported he’s tired and overworked. He’s working flat out to work through this problem. He cancels an official meet and greet with arguably the U.S. closest ally, England, he has no time for an official State banquet. He’s slaving away on the budget. He’s solving global warming. He’s doing all these things that take up all of his time.

Yet he finds time to practice on his bowling he tells us on Leno.

129. Wow! Now I see why he needs the practice. He wouldn’t get a place on the team I bowled with, and I wonder if the gutter bumpers were deployed.

“Dad. What did the President do to fix the great economic meltdown of 2009?”

“He was practicing his bowling son.”