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According to Claudia Rosett, writing at Forbes:

The U.N.’s Year Of Libya“It’s hard to think how anyone could be a worse choice than this year’s president, the anti-American, radical leftist retread Sandinista, Nicaragua’s Miguel d’Escoto Brockman, who opened last year’s General Assembly by denouncing the U.S.But the U.N. has found a way. The expectation is that this fall, when the U.N. clogs New York traffic for the opening of its 64th annual General Assembly, the new president of that 192 member-state body, sometimes styled as the Parliament of Man, will be the candidate of–and no, I’m not kidding–the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Or, in short, Libya.

More specifically, the new chairman of the U.N. General Assembly will be longtime Libyan diplomat Ali Triki. (His name is also transliterated as Ali Traiki.) While there has been little coverage to date of this impending exaltation of Libya’s man to chair the main membership body of the world’s leading multilateral institution, the AFP last week did run a story reporting that Ali Triki “is set to be the next president of the U.N. General Assembly.” AFP quoted a Libyan diplomat who expected Triki “will be elected” sometime around mid-June.”


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