$550 Billion Raid On Banks – What Raid? – Video

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I debated long and hard whether or not to post this video again, because no matter what I might say, there will always be the perception of my just being another guy with a conspiracy theory. I won’t mention conspiracy or even cover up, but I want you to look at it from the point of logic.

I first posted this video with the text 14 days ago at this link.

Take the link and read the full text there and then come back and read this second post on the same matter.

The early part of the video is basically uninteresting, but it starts to take shape at the 2.07 mark, so scroll forward to that part where Kanjorski starts to say “look, I was there …” and then listen very carefully.

The reason why it may have slid by relatively unnoticed is that it was on C Span, those first two minutes, and that not many checked the days with the actual dates with reference to what he actually said, and the slight misinterpretation related to the way he actually said it in the first place. The belief is that it referred to something that happened on the 15th, but checking shows that the 15th was the day of the meeting with Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson, and the actual raid he mentions in the next sentence was on a Thursday, without saying which Thursday.

The logic side of it that I want to mention is this.

Why did he even say it in the first place? If it didn’t happen, it is something so outrageous that it would have been refuted almost immediately. The fact that it hasn’t leads me to believe that it actually did happen, and in much the same manner as he describes.

Still, why say it at all?

Further checking shows that the meeting with Bernanke and Paulson was a ‘closed sessions’ conference where no one else attended, so what was said was just for Congress ears.

Now it is even more puzzling as to why he said it.

It also adds weight as to why no one else has commented one way or the other as to what he said.

Being on C Span, and then hidden slightly by the ‘boring’ intro, and also with questions over the context of what he said makes it easier to deny, or in this case, to ignore it completely, which is what has obviously happened here.

Surely if something of this scale did happen, then that of itself is worthy of being reported.

Another reason it becomes easy to deny is that actual context, sort of like shrouding it all in a fog of English translation.

It also could be effectively, and confidently laughed off if it is brought up as being the fantasy of bloggers with conspiracy theory at the front of their minds.

Why would he make it up, especially something of this scale, that if found out, then he would look so stupid

Keep in mind that these were closed sessions, again making it easier to deny, or to not even comment upon at all.

So the question remains.

Why did he say it at all?