George Washington’s Birth & Freedom Today

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(I wanted to post this this morning but I suddenly became dizzy. I’m still a little dizzy but feeling much better now at 11:30 pm.  —ed)

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Today (Sun Feb 22) is George Washington’s birthday. He was America’s first action hero, patriot, statesman, firm supporter of gun rights, limited government and personal freedom and our first President of the United States.

How the times have changed. President Obama:

  • Comes from a state that denies law abiding citizens the right to carry a firearm for self defense.
  • He endorsed the Illinois handgun ban.
  • Repeatedly says he supports local gun bans
  • Wants enforcement on gun licensing for ownership
  • Cosponsored a bill to limit handgun purchases
  • Supports law suits against gun manufacturers
  • Supported bans on sale and transfer of semi-automatics — that means your .22 folks!

What can be done to stop a President,
a Congress and an Attorney General that have
openly supported a ban on guns?

We can organize. We can stand up and be counted. We will need strength in number, and conviction of our purpose — to preserve and protect our 2nd Amendment.

If ‘…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed’ is to be upheld it will take all that hold it’s meaning dear to band together and speak with strength of voice:

This Amendment and My Freedom are not negotiable!

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This is a special discounted offer, an invitation for you to join, and an opportunity to support the vision of George Washington and our Founding Fathers. Happy Birthday Mr. President and God Bless America.

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Keep your head low and your powder dry,
Michael W. Piccione
Director, Special Products
Human Events