$550 BILLION Raid On Banks – But On Which Thursday? – Video

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I want you to watch this video very closely, especially the part following the 2.07 mark where Kanjorski starts to say “Listen, I was there …..”

Don’t read the text while the video is playing in the background. Watch the video and just listen to what Paul Kanjorski is saying.

I’m willing to bet that just like me, you missed what he actually said. The amounts of money are the first thing that hits you and that then becomes what you concentrate on.

However, and go back and listen to it again, very carefully.

Kanjorski says, “I was at this meeting”,  (blah blah blah) “It was about September 15th”. Then he goes on to say what happened. Listen carefully. That date, September 15th is imprinted, and the way he says it is the key. “It was about September 15th”. What he means here is not the date of the raid, but the date of the meeting with Congress, which was on that date, Monday, September 15th. Listen to it again.

He then goes on to say about the raid itself, “On the Thursday at about 11AM …..” and then goes on to detail the amounts. If the meeting was on the Monday, which Thursday was he talking about?

Might the meeting have been held as close as possible to the actual date of the bank raid, giving them the Thursday afternoon to try and hose it all down, the Friday to work out what it was that really happened, the weekend to decide on what to do, and then meet with Congress on the Monday, the 15th. If so, then what hits you between the eyes right now is that if this was the case, then the raid, on the Thursday, as he says, was on Thursday September 11th.

I can understand that this sounds like a whopping great conspiracy theory, but ask some questions yourself.

I have some questions about what he is saying.

Why isn’t this emblazoned across every news outlet in the Country?

Am I the only one who sees how important this really is? Not the conspiracy theory stuff, but the raid on the banks itself, because that really did happen.

The interview was shown on C Span, so I suppose not many people watched it, and with such a small viewer base, especially being something with the perception of being dry old chit chat about the economy or about ‘Porkulus’, it could have been very easily buried amongst more important stuff, but surely, someone must have noticed it and put two and two together.

Consider what he is saying for a minute.

At 11 AM on that day, the Fed noticed the tremendous drawdown in the money market accounts from big banks. By that time the amount withdrawn had reached $550 Billion.

The Fed, understanding the implications sunk $105 Billion of Treasury money into the banks, but it didn’t stem the outflow. After one hour they shut the whole operation down, meaning no more could be withdrawn.

The estimates were that had it been allowed to continue, that by 2PM, and that’s three hours later, $5.5 Trillion could have been withdrawn.

That’s $5.5 TRILLION, or $5,500,000,000,000.  And all that in three hours, had it not been stopped.

This would have collapsed the whole U.S. economy, and within 24 hours the economy of the whole World.

Now the importance really sinks in and the whole thing just raises more questions the more you look at it.

This isn’t one guy running off at the mouth for the sake of making a cheap headline.

This is a Congressman talking about what was said at a Congressional Committee meeting with the Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, the guys right at the very top of the U.S. financial and economic system.

Now I can understand that something like this would want to be kept quiet for fear of panicking the general public at large and then starting a firestorm as those ordinary people wanted to get their own money out of the banks before they failed, which had the raid not been shut down, would surely have happened.

That fact of keeping it quiet (covering it up in effect) being put aside however, consider a few of the points here.

This isn’t a case of thousands of people lining up outside the banks to get their small amounts of money, or rushing the ‘holes in the wall’ to get it, this is a withdrawal on a mammoth scale. It’s not a case of thousands here and thousands there. It’s half a trillion dollars. This is not something spread out over days as word gets out and the firestorm starts. This is a sudden raid of huge proportions in an hour or so. This wasn’t something that started off slowly, and then gathered steam as more people found out, spread over time. No this all happened in the short space of an hour or so, and it happened electronically, just funds transfer out of the banks.

Something of this scale smacks of more than a few people knowing about it. It shows obvious intent, and also careful and clever planning, and that indicates orchestration on a huge scale. The perpetrators would have been schooled to wait until a pre arranged time, probably at bank opening time on a set day, that Thursday morning, and then to all hit them at the same time, so that before anyone can catch on, a large part of the damage is already done. They all would have known it would be discovered, so they had to work fast, and they had to work together to get as much out in as short a time as possible. Surely, that would qualify on the same scale as Insider Trading.

There’s the ‘how’ part of the equation.

More important is the ‘why’ part of it, and are there any motives behind it.

The timing is fairly important, not just the bank opening time but the time with respect to the surrounding political and financial climate.

It was in the middle of the approach of the crescendo of the election campaign, one that more people were interested in than what may or may not have been the case for previous elections. So, everybody is distracted by that. The people at large, the politicians themselves, and of most importance the media. Even though the financial crisis had probably already started with the sub prime mortgage fiasco gathering steam, this one raid alone triggered the huge and further collapse, where we now find that our Government needs to provide an almost trillion dollar stimulus.

If such a complex, well planned, and orchestrated raid on the big banks for their money market accounts could be made to work, then who benefited from it, and by that I don’t mean those guys who got that $550 Billion.

I know that this also probably smacks of conspiracy theory, but really, ask yourself the same question.

The economy was probably already tanking, but something like this on a scale like this would really provide a real jolt that only accelerated the downturn. Even considering the Obama campaign was ‘probably’ going to win anyway, this sort of jolt would have been sheeted home to the incumbent Bush Administration as further evidence of their poor economic management. No matter what John McCain could have done, he would have been associated with that, coming from the same Republican Party, and in the eyes of the public, electing him would be seen as ‘more of the same’. So, the Democrats would have obviously benefited from this, and benefited big time, even though no one knew about it. The economy tanks further and more deeply and the Democrats can point an accusing finger, and at the same time tell us that they are the only ones who can save us from this disaster, without ever having to mention just why it happened in the first place, or even to bother with who actually did it.

So, a raid on a scale like this could only benefit the one side of politics. Having said that, a Political Party alone could not (or, more importantly, would not, surely) orchestrate something of this scale. This was done by faceless people with an entirely different agenda altogether. Or was it? It just happened that it worked out like that.

But why do it at the height of the political campaign?

Everybody in the general public is distracted, so that gives these big guys an easier path to plan this, and then to put it in motion. Without doubt they knew that the Fed would step in and shut it down. They also knew that the Fed would want to keep it quiet, because if word got out to the general public, then that would start a firestorm as the ‘little guy’ in the street wanted to get his money before all the big guys swallowed the lot.

So, the Fed did exactly what it had to do. It shut up tight. Because it was all over in an hour or two, it became easier to contain.

The raiders themselves weren’t going to tell anybody. The Fed wasn’t going to tell anybody, and the banks themselves would not let on for fear of starting the same run in real terms. So everyone shut up tight.

The media.

Well, they were distracted already in their fawning adoration, as they all jumped aboard the Obama bandwagon, not wishing to miss out, or be seen as barracking for the other guy with the perception of being labelled as ‘losers’.

So. Who planned all this?

Yeah! Right!

That is one thing we will never find out.

They slammed the banks big time and withdrew immense fortunes. What became of that money? With electronic funds transfers relatively easy to trace, why haven’t we been told what is in train to find out who did do this.

Having done something on a scale like this, there was probably the perception, right up there at the front, that any future Government, no matter from which side, well they would have to do something, and something on a monumentally huge scale to stimulate a failing economy.

The economy failed because they made it fail, or they started the process anyway.

Then when the time comes to bail it out with immense amounts of money, say, in the form of a Stimulus Package, then they are going to benefit again, and benefit big time. So, this huge raid was a win win situation for them. Faceless men driving the economy into the ground, and then benefiting twice for doing it. Are these same people benefiting from the Stimulus Package in any way?

All of these are questions that need to be answered, and each question only raises more questions. The big thing we need to be told first is that it actually happened in the first place.

Who’s going to tell us?

The media?

Well, they’re one of three things really.

They’ve been played for suckers, conned, distracted by a game of marbles as the fire raged around them.

They’re ignorant, because of their failure to track this down and investigate. It’s realistic to say that, because when have they ever failed to report on any great catastrophe, no matter how much damage is caused by their reporting, justified with the mantra, ‘In The Public Interest’.

The third is that they know and are sitting on it because it might point at something sinister that they are supporting with every fibre of their being.

It has to be one of those three.

And what then of Congressman Paul Kanjorski. (Dem – PA)

Was this a slip of the tongue, or is it that he just can’t help himself?

Go back again and watch the video all the way to the end.

Do we need more money, or swimming lessons?

Somebody needs to be asking some serious questions.