A Day of Mourning – A Day of National Distress

Posted on Sat 02/14/2009 by


3dflags_usadistressIn olden days, in times of Distress, it was appropriate to fly Old Glory upside down.

This is such a time. A time of National Distress!

An USURPER, A NON-NATURAL Born Citizen, posing as President of these United States and his gang of profligates in Congress has shoved a terrible Tax Burden down the Citizens throat in the guise of a “stimulus” bill. This so called “stimulus” bill is nothing more than the most EXTRAVAGANT PORK Bill ever.

Prior to this they RAMMED an Abortion Bill that has us taxpayers footing the bill for KILLING Foreign Unborn BABIES!

Fellow Americans, STAND UP for YOURSELF! We must protect what remaining freedoms we have or we will end up with none at all.

This eroding of our Democracy in this once Great Republic, by Ultra-Liberals, Socialists, Communists and those supporting Muslim Terrorists,  is scary to say the least.

Please don’t give up! I know there is a large “Silent Majority” that does not come out to fight or vote for our way of life and our precious Freedoms. During the last few elections only 36% to 39% of Middle class Americans voted. These are the people who either give up too easily or are too apathetic to even try. If you had voted – I’m speaking to the 64% to 61% who did not vote and I assume have not called their Congressmen to kill this Bloated Pig Bill.

Answer the “call to arms”! Defend your Freedoms! We need you on the Front Line of this war! It’s 1776 all over again.

What will you tell your Children and Grandchildren about what you did to prevent the destruction of our Great Democratic Republic???

Most people my age, who still have their Mental Faculties intact, realize what great danger we are in now. We are trying to impress on those younger than us to open your eyes, wake up, and see the danger; and then ACT to reverse it!

Please take a moment to read this knowledgeable article by Marlin6 entitled Cycle of Democracy for a better understanding of some of what I stated here.

May GOD protect us.