President Obama,

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Feb. 13, 2009

President Obama,

I am one of those people whom you wish to help with this stimulus package. I have a wife and three children, I made quite a bit less last year than in 2007. Tough times. Economic hardships are a very personal and poignant reality. This is no one else’s fault but my own, I claim my mistakes.

This new tone that you have brought to Washington leaves me just a little puzzled. A few years ago our nation rushed to war after only six months and two congressional affirmations of the President’s policy. That was clearly a bi-partisan issue. The fiscal policies of the last two decades are as bi-partisan as can possibly be. However the present circumstance is the result of eight years of President Bush’s failed economic policy.

Dissent IS Patriotic. I recall that being quite the rally point on the left in 2003 and all through out the war in Iraq. Now however the situation is so dire that no opposition can be brooked, any debate is delay and the cost of inaction is to terrible to contemplate.

Why can’t we wait six days to pass this package? Not six months, not six days. Because you know that this is not the change that the American People want. If you were confident in our support for this very important legislation you wouldn’t be opposed to giving us six days to look it over.

Not only are you quick to judge us incapable of comprehending the pressing necessity and brilliance of your stimulus package but there are calls for opposing voices to be silenced, with the fairness doctrine. Your policies will have to stand up to public critique sooner or later, unless you plan on censoring other forms of media as well.

“Buy American,” wasn’t so popular with our European Allies. That was quickly pulled from this legislation, when did their opinion become so much more important than the 46% of Americans who voted for the other guy. If 46% is too small a percentage for you to listen to, how about the nearly 60% of Americans who have serious misgivings about this legislation?

Six days, is that too much to ask?


Nathan A. Steeves