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Andrew Bolt

TonyfromOz prefaces …..

It seems a little strange that when President Bush made a gaffe of any sort, the media crawled all over it, effectively making him out as an idiot. Yet, when the new President does something similar, or makes a gaffe, it’s either not even reported or they give him some leeway. Take for example the long running segment on ‘Letterman’, his ‘Great Moments In Presidential Speeches’, that ran every night for more than a couple of years where they slagged off at what are now called ‘Bushisms’. I’ll bet they won’t even be thinking of doing something even remotely similar for President Obama. Follow the three links and just see how different their treatment of similar matters really is. I might think that George Bush showed some grace by not commenting. I wonder if the new President would be so gracious or whether his handlers would even allow it in the first place.


Barack Obama trying to walk through a window isn’t news, because he’s a genius.


George Bush trying to walk through a locked door is huge news, because he’s, you know, a moron.

Same story when clever Obama merely repeats what dumb Bush said already.

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