Mosquito Borne Disease Blamed On Global Warming

Posted on Tue 01/27/2009 by


This news release was reported today mentioning that Climate Change will see Dengue fever affecting more people in the future

Dengue Fever is a mosquito borne disease, a little similar to Malaria, but only in that it is carried by mosquitos, although Dengue is nowhere near as bad as Malaria is. It is quite prevalent in the tropics, and outbreaks have been experienced in Australia. Currently, an outbreak in Cairns, a popular tourist destination in the North of Queensland in Australia has seen nearly 200 people infected. Symptoms include severe headache, muscle and joint soreness, fever, and a rash, and patients need the attention of medical facilities, and concentrated treatment if they are infected, so it’s not just an ordinary mosquito bite.

The Australian Government Minister for Climate Change Penny Wong is currently in Cairns and has announced two grants totalling $10 Million to fund research, and to minimise climate related health risks to urban populations. Minister Wong stated that increasing temperatures caused by climate change will see diseases like this moving further South, stating:

“We know that we’re likely to see a greater incidence of diseases such as dengue,” she said.

“We’re likely to see more heat-related illnesses and fatalities and we need to prepare now for this future challenge.”

Scaremongering. Touting for Government handouts. Surely not?