Not With The Plasmas Again – Please!

Posted on Mon 01/12/2009 by


This story is from the UK, and tells us that the European Union (EU) is looking to ban the large 42 inch screen Plasma televisions.

Again they come up with statistics that don’t actually relate to the actual problem.

The article emotively dubs them the 4 X 4’s of the living room, again appealing to the guilt factor in you.

True, they consume 4 times the power of a normal cathode ray tube TV, but again, that is relative because the power consumed by one of these Plasmas still only amounts to less than 6% of your total household power, that’s if you own one that is. The article also says that Australia, some parts of the U.S. and other Countries are seriously looking to impose restrictions on the sale of these Plasmas, in reality a blatant tax grab for what is basically a luxury item, and then quoting the environment as the key to their argument.

One quote says this:

Similar steps are being taken in Australia and the United States; in the US, 275 million televisions gobble up as much electricity as is produced by 10 coal-fired power stations.

That’s all televisions, not just these 42 inch Plasmas. So, what are they going to do then. Ban televisions so they can shut down those coal fired power plants. Even if they did, those TV’s are spread out across the whole of the U.S. so banning TV’s will not see the closing of one plant, and as I have explained so often, any less power used will not see the winding back in running speed or power output from any one of those plants, and the same amount of coal will still be burned for the production of the same amount of CO2. This is just spurious use of bogus statistics to make a silly argument.

One last thing you should be asking yourself. Do you own one of these 42 inch Plasma televisions, and just how many people do you know who do own one? They would be the sole province of those with a lot of money to expend on one of them, so in reality, it’s still that blatant tax grab, but only on those who might be well off, basically another tax on the rich, because, after all, they can afford it can’t they? It also appeals to the indignance in all of us, as we say to ourselves, ‘Well, if they can afford enough for a Plasma, then they should pay extra.’

See again how it has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with the money.