Trapping the Terrorists (1982)

Posted on Sun 01/11/2009 by



Today’s Golden Oldie is from June 1982.

The two PLO fighters are each sporting the sinister-looking dark glasses and two-day beard that were Yasser’s signature look. I always drew Arafat’s dark glasses to look like black round cartoon bombs.

The Israeli army was fighting Arafat’s forces in Lebanon. We had the terrorists on the ropes. Like Hitler before him, Yasser Arafat was trapped in his bunker. Back then we didn’t think that the world would force us to let him go. But they did.

I posted this cartoon today while the IDF is fighting Iran’s Hamas terrorist forces in Gaza. Once again the terrorist chieftains are “trapped in their bunkers”. And this time an angry Israeli public demands that our leaders stand up to International pressure and not “let them go”.

Do you think that they will?