Factcheck Gets It Wrong – Again!

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By Forseti

Factcheck and the MSM (Main Stream Media) Gets It Wrong – Again!

Look at factcheck.org’s reporting of the issue of BHO’s Birth Certificate.

They claim, “FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.”  They then provide a link in the article to a photograph of this “original birth certificate.”

It is a picture of the Certification of Live Birth, and not the original birth certificate! Looks like a misrepresentation to me.   [FACT: Anyone can have this sort of Hawaiian Birth Certificate even if you were born in Russia or elsewhere! —ed]


This misrepresentation matters to me because I’ve talked to many professionals about the issue.  They reply by citing factcheck.org’s birth certificate as “evidence” that he’s a natural born citizen.  They almost appear dumbfounded when I clue them in.

See Obama’s Failure To Prove His Alleged USA Birth

[Please note: If BHObama was not afraid of producing the Authentic Vault Birth Certificate then we, as a Nation, could move forward with other important issues.

Obviously he is hiding something or he has a sick, demented sort of spirit in him to drag this out so long. He knows better than most of us what this issue is about. He’s a Lawyer!

The Original Authentic Vault Birth Certificate (not the computer generated one) showing the Doctor’s signature and the Hospital is what is needed. This then can be verified by viewing the Hospital records.

So come on Obama, be a real man and do the right thing or bow out of the Presidency.   —ed]