The Democrat Rod Blagojevich

Posted on Sun 12/14/2008 by


The title to one of yesterday’s posts was ‘I’m Reminded A Little Of Richard Nixon’.

Remember after that story came to light, President Nixon stated categorically that, to paraphrase the words of Sergeant Schultz from ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ ….. “I know nothing.”

As time went on, each little piece of information that came out linked together like a jigsaw puzzle so that in the end, the whole picture showed that he did in fact know all about it, right back to the original break in at the Watergate Hotel.

Now, I’m not saying that this is the same as that, but each little piece of news that does come out provides a link to an ever evolving jigsaw puzzle of its own.

So, having said that, I want you to read the next series of posts in sequence starting from this one and working up the page.

Something is going on here, and it looks suspiciously like another cover up.