Obama Economic Plan: “Throw Borrowed Money At It Until It’s All Better”

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WASHINGTON (SR) – President-elect Barack Obama yesterday promised to “jolt” the economy back on track by throwing massive amounts of borrowed money at it “until it’s all better.”

He declined to say how much the stimulus package might cost, but declared that the federal government must act “swiftly and impulsively” to hand out “as much money as we can borrow” to battle an “economic crisis of really big proportions.”

Obama also cautioned against inflating the U.S. national debt, saying government must “tighten its belt” in an attempt to “lessen the certainty our grandchildren will be forced into prostitution in Saudi Arabia or building cheap lawn furniture in Chinese sweatshops.”

Republicans on Capitol Hill reacted to Obama’s speech by stockpiling additional food and guns in their North Dakota vacation homes.

Obama plan

Obama: “Must act swiftly and impulsively”

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