The Truth Hurts – RCP Censorship Is Alive and Well!

Posted on Thu 11/20/2008 by


RCP Leftists, Obamaniac Censorship Is Alive and Well!

Come and see the article that has RCP’s Leftards so AFRAID that they censored it 3 TIMES!!!

CENSORSHIP is beginning Now!  How will it be under Obama’s Totalitarian Regime?

The TRUTH Hurts and they are afraid to allow any factual article the shows BHO in a bad light.

FYI. The name of a title is a Writer’s Prerogative!

To RCP (Real Clear Politics):

Hey, come on guys, I understood you would stop censoring Anti-Obama articles after the election.
What, are you pulling an Obomination? Going back on your word?

You used to be a conservative organization. Did you sell your soul to the devil?
I know Forbes bought 51% of your company. Aren’t they conservative?
Did you all sell out to the Obamanation?
—Al (Grumpy Old Man)

Click here to read the article from a well known, highly respected Conservative writer that was praised by William F Buckley.