Hold Him To It

Posted on Wed 11/05/2008 by


Now that the dust is settling, I look forward to seeing if President Elect Obama can deliver on the things he’s promised for America.

As an Australian, I would like to congratulate the Democrats on their win. You see, it means as much to us as it means to you on the direction America now takes, and for that fact the whole of Planet Earth. That sounds like a pretty big thing to say, but a strong America means a ‘relatively’ stable Planet Earth. You cannot afford to be insular and withdraw to just mainland America, because your enemies will look upon that as a victory for them. Only one Nation is large enough to withstand the bullies of the Planet. Those weaker Countries will look to the US to help them, and it’s up to you to do just that, otherwise hopelessness will become commonplace.

I fully understand that this blog that I contribute to is from the side of politics that did not win this election, and that might seem incongruous from an Australian, but what I really look forward to is to still contribute. For too long now, those from the Democrat side of the political fence have looked upon those of us who contribute to that other side as villains, and label us with all form of epithets.

The time for that has finished.

What YOU need to do now is to actually look beyond the vilification from both sides. What YOU need to do is to think of this as democracy. What YOU need to do is not to ignore us, shut down our blogsites, or label us, just because we do not agree with you.

What WE need to do is to also not vilify you. What WE need to do is to keep trying to explain in a rational manner just what the ramifications are of some of the promises that now have to be put into action.

Stemming from that, YOU then need to look at that point of view, and not reject it out of hand. Read what we have to say, and then go and check for yourself.

My involvement in what has gone before dates back to March when I was asked if I would have something to offer. My area of expertise lies in the electrical field, and I have tried to explain the ramifications of what belief in something not readily understood actually entails, and this area closely allies to the environment, and just because I am from the opposing side to you, that does not mean I am against the environment. What I have done is to explain how that area of expertise in the electrical field relates so closely to the environment, because for too long, people with no real understanding of electrical generation have made statements based from lack of knowledge.

It is not an easy area to grasp, and what I have tried to do is to make that understandable. What I have constructed in those 8 months is a body of work based upon facts, and what I ask of you is not to actually reject out of hand what I have written, but to actually go away and find out for yourself. I have not made up one single thing. I have got information from literally hundreds of sources.

It’s just too easy to believe a seven second sound byte if you do not understand the actual theory behind it. My task has been to try and simplify that theory, to show what it actually means, calculate costs, and then factually put those facts in front of those who want to read it. Just because I do not contribute to the other side’s blogsites does not mean that those facts are incorrect.

Read what I have to say, and then go and check for yourself.

Now, just because the side that I supported did not win does not mean I will just stop contributing.

What I want to see is how those Democrats now in complete control will answer those election promises.

The task I have is to keep writing to point out the implications of just what it is that has been promised.

I look forward to continuing to contribute, because a democracy has two sides.

It’s not a WIN/LOSE situation where the winner claps his hands and tells the other guy to get lost.

Ask questions. My job is to hold you guys to account. I look forward to doing just that.

Congratulations on your win, but I’m not just going to fold my hand.