It Can’t Be Over, I Haven’t Voted Yet

Posted on Mon 11/03/2008 by


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, Nov. 4, 2008. I’m sick of being told that the election is over, I’m sick of being called bitter, racist, ignorant. I’m sick of my values being trashed for political expediency, I forgot to add “homophobe,” since I reside here in California.

Now I remember why I canceled my subscription to News Papers (all of them) about four years ago. That’s why I’m ignorant, how can I be informed if I don’t let the journalists tell me what to think? They’re doing a good job, too. I hear that circulation is really booming, hiring new generations of journalists at a blistering pace (chortle).

When my daughter was about five years old, she asked me, “What is a ‘black man?'” I stopped what I was doing and explained, “Well, that’s a what some people call people who have dark skin.” The church we attended was about 40% “Black,” so I was able to gently name people in our church, close friends, her playmates, her children’s church teachers until she had a grasp of the term “black.” When she understood the distinction she gave a delighted little giggle and said, “You mean a chocolate face?” I was pleased that she had come up for a term to describe her friends much more appropriately than, “Black.” Race isn’t an issue to me. I tear up when I hear Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech.” I’m not voting for Obama, it’s not the color of his skin, it’s the content of his character.

“Bitter.” I’m really trying hard not to allow the press to make that one true. I love America and people in general. My step father is “black.” I haven’t talked to Pops in about six weeks. He found out that I lean Republican and it was a very uncomfortable day at the drag races. Pops loves me enough not to argue politics with me, but his friends were not afraid to mutter epithets until pops had to physically subdue one of his close friends. Awkward, very much so. I hope after this election I’ll be able to visit my mother and Pops with out that elephant in the room. One could become bitter over all the animosity that has been fomented around this election.

In spite of all of this, and perhaps even partially because of it, I’m looking forward to voting on Tuesday. I want my voice to be heard. I am very optimistic about our Nation and it’s future. I think that all the differences will come out in the wash and that the biggest losers are the media who have declared this election repeatedly for Obama. I could almost hope that he wins in a landslide, like they are predicting, just to avoid crushing all his supporters. Almost.

People ask, “Who’s your man in the race?” I smile and say, “Sarah Palin.” Let the epithets roll, I’m still voting tomorrow and this election is not over yet.