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Andrew Bolt

Their hunger for Armageddon is as characteristic as their lack of irony. Brendan O’Neill tells of his career as a fake greenheart:

Earlier this year, I wrote an eco-satirical column under the pseudonym Ethan Greenhart, in which I (or rather, Ethan) called upon Greens everywhere to pray for an economic downturn. The column argued that nothing would benefit our human-ravaged planet more than a “big, beautiful, stock-crashing, Wall Street-burning, consumer-baiting, home-evicting, bank-busting recession.”

We need something to stop humans “raping the planet,” I said…

Not 24 hours after the column was published, “Ethan” received an e-mail (my alter ego came with his own inbox) from Valerie Stevens, chairperson of the U.K.-based Optimum Population Trust. The OPT is an influential green-leaning outfit that campaigns for strict controls on population growth. Ms. Stevens, believing – remarkably – that Ethan Greenhart is a real person, wrote: “What a marvellous piece of writing. I feel exactly the same as you!”

Consider what this means. The head of one of Britain’s most vocal Green lobby groups feels “exactly” that people who work in shops are comparable to “concentration camp guards”; that humankind is a “poisonous bacteria in Gaia’s bloodstream”; that “consumerism makes us mentally ill”; that the consumer society has “turned us into savages . . . well, not us, obviously, but certainly them”; and that a disease should come and decimate “the plague that is mankind.”


Darebin Council and GreenFaith make the link between religion and global warming complete and explicit.


An invitation to reflection and action

GreenFaith Australia cordially invites you to its public launch. Details of the events marking the launch are detailed in the attached flyer.
GreenFaith Australia ( has recently formed as a grass-roots interfaith organisation…

As a young organisation we welcome participation from all those with a genuine interest in fostering ecological and cultural flourishing through diversity…

We look forward to meeting you at the Northcote Town Hall.

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Andrew Bolt is a journalist and columnist writing for The Herald Sun in Melbourne Victoria Australia.

TonyfromOz adds …..

It’s an easy thing to see that the environment rates so far down the list of important topics for this election as to be almost invisible, but if the Democrats get in, this will be raised after that result is known, and then it will become quite a major football that will be kicked around. If that happens, then this is the vision in front of you. It will become a lobbyists dream as ways are found to make it palatable to the general population. There will be ways found to make you realise that it’s for your own good. To that end I would ask that you view this video very closely. It is closely related to the above story. You may think it boring to watch a Science debate, but the speaker is a respected Geologist who actually has real scientific evidence behind what he is saying. The video goes for nine and a half minutes, but is really well worth watching. I suspect that Democrat readers, if any do come to read this will not even bother, because theirs is the view that if it cannot be said in seven seconds, then It’s not worth watching in the first place. The sound quality is low, so you’ll need to turn your speakers up

This video is courtesy of the Australian ABC, and that’s their logo in the bottom right corner. It was posted to youtube by kaiwaig a young man from Christchurch in New Zealand. The odd thing is that even though it has the ABC logo and all production was carried out by the ABC, it was not broadcast to television, odd for the national broadcaster, but obvious if you watch the video, because opinion like this is not encouraged any more.