Newt On Fire: Compares MSM To Soviet Pravda

Posted on Fri 10/24/2008 by



By Bill Dupray

Newt is really rolling on this one. When he strings together all the contemptible, dishonest reporting into one short indictment, it really strikes you that we seem to have crossed some sort of weird threshold. The MSM are like a cartel or conspiracy (vast left-wing conspiracy?) trying to deliberately misinform people in furtherance of their own personal political ends. All of that would be fine if they were self-proclaimed partisan commentators, like Limbaugh or Hannity or even Al Franken or Alan Colmes. But the MSM reporters don’t have the honesty, integrity or scruples to admit that they are, in fact, partisan commentators. The choose to deceitfully hide beneath the cloak of objective journalism, and, in doing so, have become a malignant tumor in the dying body of a once proud profession.

My proposal (perhaps as part of the newly reconstituted Fairness Doctrine under a President Obama) is to assign rating labels for news organizations, like movie or television ratings, so that everyone can make a fair assessment of the station regardless of the actual news they see. The ratings would be L for liberal, CL for Center-Left, U for Unbiased (reserved for Brian Lamb at C-Span) , with similar designations on the right. The ratings would be based upon a weighted average of the voting history of the reporters, editors, and top brass employed by the News Divisions. This plan, out of “fairness,” would allow people to avoid being fooled by partisan idealogues masquerading as journalists.

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