Media Declares Obama The Winner

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Nancy Morgan

When I logged onto Drudge this morning, I had a Rip Van Winkle moment. According to the headlines, Obama has somehow become president. Nope, its still October 20. The election hasn’t been held yet. But you wouldn’t know that by scanning the headlines of one of the major news outlets in America.

According to headlines on Drudge, Obama is in the process of planning his transition. His team is in place and already planning the nuts and bolts of installing ‘The One’ in the White House. “Under the direction of John Podesta, a former White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton, the transition effort includes a dozen separate groups divided into different areas of responsibility.” Bye-bye Bush. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

As Obama’s transition team meets, others in the Obama camp are busy lining up an all-star Obama Cabinet. ‘Barack Obama Lines Up A Cabinet Of Stars As John McCain Struggles On’, the Times reports. “It’s important to send a signal,” an Obama adviser said. “With a comparatively new person in office and the awful mess we’re in, these appointments are going to resonate around the world.” Note the operative words: ‘in office’.

Heady decisions, those. Deciding who to reward, who to slight, and determining which ‘experts’ to install as the anointed one’s top dogs. After all, he’s going to need alot of help running the world.

Meanwhile, other headlines trumpet Pelosi’s prediction of a 250-seat Democrat House. “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) says Democrats will expand their majority to 250 seats in the House next year and might have gone further if the party had more money.” Note the operative word: ‘will’.

Just in case anyone has any doubts that this election is over, Drudge has thrown in a token conservative, Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan, whose article entitled  ‘Palin’s Failing’
bemoans the fact that America still doesn’t know….Sarah Palin. That’s right. Hmmm..

Acting ‘as if’ an Obama presidency is a fait accompli, other media stories have been reporting about the cool election eve celebration bash being planned by camp Obama.

On the off chance we still haven’t gotten the message, on the off chance a few Americans still believe the November 4 election actually determines the outcome of the election, we are treated to a cool story about how Irelands largest bookie has decided to pay off more than $1 million euros to people who bet on an Obama presidency. I guess that means Obama has won.

The media has decided. Case closed. And those pesky polls, like Zogby’s most recent one showing McCain trailing by only 3 points (the margin of error), have fallen into the left’s favorite chasm, the ‘fake but accurate’ void which has become so popular on the left these last few years.

Now that Obama has been anointed, we are informed that he is going to change the world. Headlines on Drudge tell us so. ‘Barack Obama Vows To ‘Change The World’. An image pops up in my mind, unbidden: Barack Obama, shirts sleeves rolled up, bending over a babies’ crib, extending his opening arms to the little tot, preparatory to changing his stinky diapers. What a guy, sensitive, wise, and not afraid to get poop on him. Our president. Swoon….

Before Joe the Plumber starts to slink off in defeat, I’d like to add my take.

I predict John McCain will win on November 4th. I base this on a firm belief in America. Sure, we’ve got a plethora of useful idiots who will pull the lever based on promises of utopia. But we also have all the guys in fly-over country. You know, the guys that actually research the issues and form their own views independently of popular opinion and media mantras – the ones that still value facts over perceptions and reality over spin. The ones whose voices have yet to be heard in this one-sided media orgy. Dare I say, the ones who will determine the outcome of the coming election?

As long as I’m making predictions, I also predict the Dow will go up, America will win the war in Iraq (oops, we already have, haven’t we?) and Sarah Palin, the one that’s failing, will be the one to continue what Ronald Reagan started. That said, whose set of predictions are you going to believe?

The left is hoping to win this election by manipulating voter’s perceptions, by acting ‘as if’ the game is over. They know that perceptions are powerful things and they’ve decided that the media generated perception of Obama is enough to sweep him into the White House.

I have a friend who is grossly overweight. Despite this, she carries herself like a queen. After hanging around her awhile, my perception changes. I see her as beautiful, mostly because that’s how she sees herself.

But no matter how beautiful she appears to me, my perception doesn’t change the fact that she is still grossly overweight. And I haven’t heard her sing yet.

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