Obama Unveils Daring “Obama Plan” to Save Economy!

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CHICAGO, IL (SR) – Presidential candidate Barack Obama today proposed a daring strategy to rescue the failing U.S. economy. Financial experts called the plan innovative and risky, but say if implemented correctly, could work.

The “Obama Plan” would entail raising taxes to 67.5% on individuals and families making over $50K a year. Corporations would be taxed at an 80% rate, but employees would receive discounted health care and free abortions. The increased tax revenue would be used to stimulate the failed housing, automobile, and lending industries by giving low income individuals and families free down payments for interest-only loans to purchase homes and luxury cars.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the plan “genius” and pledged a quick passage of the bill, provided it includes additional support for the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community.

When told of Obama’s plan during a fundraising event, Republican presidential candidate John McCain called the plan “the stupidist %#*@! thing I’ve ever heard.” Later, his campaign released a statement saying Sen. McCain was working on his own version of the plan, with “added provisions to address the global warming crisis.”

Presidential hopeful Obama unveils daring strategy

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