The New Cold War is Hot Again

Posted on Sun 09/28/2008 by


While we are all watching Islamic terrorists and state sponsored terrorists attempt to spread their hate in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Britain, the United States of America, North Africa, Canada, and Spain the Russians were using their new found oil wealth to recover their pride and determination to be a world power once again.

Almost like the rise of the Nazi’s between WW I and WW 2 whereby the German people who were suffering greatly due to the very harsh and in some cases punitive penalties that were applied by the Allies and The League of Nations (the failed precursor to the UN). They were in a horrible depression and turned towards a lunatic that offered them hope by blaming the Jews for their problems. What rose up out of Hitler’s rhetoric was a country that recovered its pride (in a wrong way) had old scores to settle with its neighbors and searched out and supported similar likeminded regimes in other parts of the world (Spain and Argentina).

In the case of Russia, oil has paved the way for an economic recovery, while President Putin really moved from a traditionally democratically elected leader towards the benevolent dictator status that he holds today. The Russian people are regaining their pride in exchange for their freedoms. Their neighbors and previously separatist provinces have been put in their respective places through the use of brutal force (Chechnya and Georgia come to mind) and now the Russians are looking for likeminded regimes in other regions.

Recently they began to reach out to their former brothers in arms in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Bolivia is moving quickly into the Russian camp too.

Why is the rearming of the armies in South America a threat to America you ask? Well simple, what do rouge nations that hate the US do with their old weapons? They sell them at bargain basement prices to terrorist movements and use their own import / export laws and national institutions to get around the various International laws governing the sale and shipment of weapons. As we saw recently when a cargo ship carrying 33 T-72 Russian tanks with ammunition and Russian training crews on board was hijacked off the coast of Somalia and the ship full of Chinese weapons that tried to deliver weapons slated for the Zimbabwean government a few weeks back and the enormous amount of Chinese weapons found in Sudan, nation states are again beginning the old cold war practice of propping up dictators and thugs.

Russia and China are again rearming the developing war under the cover of America’s focus on the War on Terror and within four years will have completed a refit of several nations within spitting distance of the US and their allies in South America. The world remains a very challenging place and sadly our next President (during Friday’s debate on Foreign Affairs) doesn’t seem to notice that the new cold war is again heating up.

While a Russian fleet exercises in Western waters for the first time in almost 30 years the candidates only mentioned Russia once, in relation to their respective responses to the Russian / Georgian conflict. I guess I should cut them some slack in that the debate was highjacked for the first 40 minutes or so by the so called economic crisis so perhaps they didn’t have enough time to talk about China’s incredible spending on military expansion or Russia’s efforts to rearm South American governments that will threaten other friendly democracies in the region.

At the end of the day I really doubt they would have gotten around to any substantive issues regarding the numerous threats that face the US over the next 10 years and that does not serve the American public well.