American Voters are Just Plain Stupid

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American voters are just plain stupid.

But before you all get together and put out a hit on me let me confess that Canadian voters are just as stupid. In 1993 the Liberal Party of Canada released their party’s platform in a book that became known as the Red Book because of its fire engine red cover (also the traditional color of the Liberals in Canada and the UK). It was a brilliant document that laid out several major pieces of policy with a check box next to them, the leader Jean Chretien told voters that we could judge him by his actions and that when elected he would tick off each box as a commitment was made good.

What were the major issues you ask, well number one was NAFTA which had only recently been signed by the government, another was a Goods and Services Tax (GST) which had been brought in to replace the Manufactures’ sales tax which was hidden tax levied on all manufactured goods to the tune of 12% while the GST would apply to all goods and services except essential food items at 7%. These two issues were never really popular and the Liberals promised to abolish the GST and to renegotiate NAFTA or get rid of it. They also advocated for a federally funded National Day Care program.

The Liberals destroyed the governing Conservative Party and won a sweeping majority. Four years later it was time to do it again and we saw the Red Book Part 2. I don’t really remember what it promised because the GST was still standing, NAFTA was still as it was and the National Day Plan wasn’t even yet a plan so you would think with three major boxes left unchecked it would be a no brainer but guess what?…Yup you guessed it a larger majority for the Liberal government. Three years later we did it again, still no checks in the aforementioned boxes and another majority government. In total Jean Chretien governed for 13 year and as you well know the GST is still here, NAFTA has been expanded to include Mexico and the National Day Care program never came into existence.

So the point of that brief Canadian political history lesson was that while voters claim to demand accountability and results they are in fact stupid and willing to ignore promises and more often than not vote against the other guy who is demonized and framed during the election.

Canadian elections are, like the Brit’s, only about 35 days long so it’s all rather fast and furious and that plays well into the politicians and liberal media’s hands rather well. One misstep, one gaff or one wrong phrase and there’s no time to recover but American’s with their two year process don’t have the same excuses.

The idea that in September I’m still hearing people say, I’m not sure, I don’t really know much about candidate X is just stupid. Ignoring statements made during the primaries as internal politics is just stupid ignoring past relationships and deeds is just stupid. Listening to TMZ, John Stewart, the Colbert Report or any of the other night time comedians is stupid but poll after poll indicates that many American’s still do so as their primary source of political news.

NBC is in the tank for Senator Obama full stop, MSNBC its cable off shoot is worse yet while the remainder of the MSM not fully in the tank they’ve all got their wet suits on and their toes immersed, yet the American people tolerate and reward the process by ignoring past failures, missteps and flat out lies.

When a politician makes a promise and then breaks it, don’t reward him/her with re-election. When a party shifts its platform mid stream beware, when a politician says one thing in one part of the country and something totally different in another beware. Study the issues, learn the truth about the candidates’ positions and ignore the partisan pundits that seem to drive the message and frame the candidates. Take responsibility for your vote and for God’s sake if you vote for or against somebody because of their gender, color, age, or religion you’re super stupid.

My message to all voters, Canadian and American…remember the famous quote from the movie Forrest Gump…stupid is as stupid does.